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There are 10,071,000 Hungarians in Hungary (July 2006 census)

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Q: How many Hungarians are there?
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What are some ways Hungarians celebrated their heritage in Texas?

Umm I may be wrong but I don't think there are many Hungarians in Texas :)

How many Hungarians won the nobel prize?


Why are there so many Hungarians in Sarasota Florida?

Not sure

When was Arrival of the Hungarians created?

Arrival of the Hungarians was created in 1894.

Why is the percentage of Hungarians falling inTransylvania?

No significative falling of the Hungarians in Transylvania during the time. * Census, December 1930 (all Romania)-7,9 % Hungarians * Census, January 1992 (all Romania)-7,12 % Hungarians * Census, December 2002 (all Romania)-6,604 % Hungarians

What animals do hungarians eat?

Hungarians eat lot of pork & Beef meat.

Why do Hungarians get tattoos and shave their heads after their parents die?

Hungarians represent their parents

Do Hungarians eat with their fingers?

Hungarians don't eat their fingers they just eat their feet..

Are hungarians Dutch or danish?

Hungarians are Hungarian. Dutch people are from The Netherlands and Danish people are from Denmark.

To what ethnic group do most Hungarians belong?

The ethnic group most Hungarians belong to is Magyars.

When was Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians created?

Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians was created on 1994-06-18.

What do Hungarians export?

Among many other things, Hungary exports the spice Paprika

Why did Hungarians Emigrate?

The majority of Hungarians immigrated during World War II, when part of Europe was invaded. Depending on when they immigrated, the Hungarians were likely either fleeing Hitler and the Nazis or Communists.

When was Philadelphia United German-Hungarians created?

Philadelphia United German-Hungarians was created in 1922.

Who are some famous Hungarians?

Some famous Hungarians are Franz Liszt, Bela Bartok. These are both composer and performers. Famous artists who are Hungarians are Ede Margo, Mor Than, Paul Laszlo.

Do Hungarians have electronics?


Did the Hungarians manufacture the sks?


Who destroyed Pavia?

the Hungarians did

During world war 1 why didnt the Serbians like the Austro-Hungarians?

Because they were occupying their country.

When was Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania created?

Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania was created on 1989-12-25.

Why did Hungarians dislike communist?

In 1956 Hungarians were led by a hard-line Communist called Mátyás Rákosi. Hungarians hated the restrictions which Rákosi's Communism imposed on them. Hungarians lost their freedom of speech, they became terrified of the secret police (Gestapo) and they resented the fact that thousands of Soviet troops and forces were in Hungary. Worst of all, Hungarians had to pay for the Soviet Union forces to be in their country. -bec.

What do they call Hungary people?


Slovakia has a large minority of what?


What do Hungarians wear?

Clothing items.

What do Hungarians use for shopping?