How many Islamic prophets are there?


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The mentioned prophets in Quran are 25 Muslim prophets. Refer to questions below.

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because his immigration led to the new year of the islamic calendar

Islam has more or less re-apportioned Jewish and Christian prophets as Islamic prophets and argues that all of these prophets are part of a larger Islamic prophetic tradition. As a result, most of these prophets are highly regarded, but their message in the Qur'anic narrative may be different from that in the Biblical narrative.

No. Nancy is an American name. Islamic names are arabic names with Islamic meanings behind it or names based off our prophets and the many names of Allah.

Gods prophets, and God does exist there are any Islamic miracles to prove this.

No, Muslims consider Muhammad to be the last of a long line of prophets.

There were 124,000 prophets

Rachel Milstein has written: 'Stories of the prophets' 'La Bible dans l'art islamique' -- subject(s): Art, Islamic, Bible, Bible stories, Biography, Illustrations, Islamic Art, Islamic Painting, Koran, Painting, Islamic

There are many Islamic names for a Muslim male, a few would be Ibrahim, Ahmed, and Muhammad. Any names of the Prophets mentioned in the Quran would do. For more names please visit the website in related links.

The god of Islamic faith is God (Allah in Arabic) the Creator, the same God believed by and called for worship by all prophets since start of mankind.

Yes Christianity has many prophets both major and minor prophets.

There were 48 prophets in the bible.

The prophets are the great men, chosen by Allah (God) to convey His message to people. Their message is the same principal message which is to believe in,worship & obey the orders of the only one God, with no one associated to Him.It's a must for Muslims to believe in Allah's prophets & this is one of the pillars of the Islamic faith.It's a must for Muslims to believe in the holy revelations received by the prophets & this is another pillar of the Islamic faith.The most important prophets in Islam are : Noah, Ibrahim(Abraham),Mousa(Moses),Esa(Jesus) & Muhammad. peace be upon all of the prophets.

Prophet Mohammed (SAW) was a Muslim Arab . Most of the other prophets were Jews.

Answer 1The origins of many of the claimed "post Islamic" religions includes Abrahamic religions. These are those found mainly in Middle Eastern countries. Answer 2These claimed post Islamic religions should be based on a kind of God revelations to those religions prophets. Nothing known about such God revelations.

All God prophets called their people to Islam. That means full submission to God with no partner, no associate, no companion, and no equivalence. Accordingly, the prophets are from Adam through Noah, ..., Abraham, ..., Moses, ..., Jesus, and Muhammad (peace be upon them all)

No. It is written in Islamic books that only Yûsuf 'alaihis-salâm was a prophet.

He spread same message which spread by all previous prophets the message of Islamic monotheism tauheed.

Many prophets are buried in Khaif. Exact number is not known.

52AnswerIn other sources, there are 42 prophets.

there are five major prophets in the bible

Blood of the Prophets has 544 pages.

If Zak refers to Prophet Isac (father of prophet Jacob) or short name for the prophet Zachariah, then it is an Islamic name. Both prophets Isac and Zachariah are among the prophets that Muslims believe in.

There are mostly Muslims living in Baghdad,and they worship Allah and the Islamic prophets. There is also a significant number of christians.

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