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If you do a search on the web of casualty numbers for all wars and conflicts between Israelis and Palestinians, you can find the numbers although there are many different reports on numbers especially on the Arab side which is less exact. I took the higher estimates for all and counted approximately 19,000 Palestinians killed by Israelis and 18,885 Israelis killed by Palestinians and other Arabs since the start of the conflict in the 1920s. Also note that a further 18,300 Palestinians were killed by other Arab groups (Black September, War of the Camps, etc.).

The amount of Israeli casualties from only conflicts with the Palestinians ranges from 2,000-3,000 individuals.

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Q: How many Israelis killed and how many Palestinians killed since the state of Israel created?
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How many israelis have been killed by Palestinians since 1948?

Around 4,000.

Why do Jews kill Muslims?

Jews do not intentionally kill Muslims or people from any specific religious group. About 20% of the total population of Israel are Arab citizens. Most of those are Sunni Muslims. The majority identify themselves as Arab or Palestinian by nationality, and Israeli by citizenship. Many have family ties to Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, as well as to Palestinians in Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon. Muslim Bedouins in the Negev tend to identify more as Israelis than other Arab citizens of Israel.All of the above are citizens of Israel, with full voting rights in local and national elections, and several Muslims have been elected and serve in Israel's parliament (the Knesset). Neither the voters nor those elected routinely fear for their lives.Of course, there have been Palestinians killed by Israelis, just as Israelis have been killed by Palestinians.

How many people have been killed during the Israel palestine war?

around 13 Israelis and 1400 Palestinians. 4/13 Israelis died due to friendly fire Israel = 176,500 (total) Backed by tanks, artillery, gunboats, and aircraft Hammas = 20,000(total) ---- Over 50,800 Gaza residents displaced. Over 4,000 homes destroyed

How have Israelis treated the Palestinians?

Israel and the State of Palestine are major enemies. They have been conflicting since the formation of the Jewish state in 1948. Israel and Palestine have been involved in several wars, all of which Israel has won. Israel is a greater military power than Palestine, which is why Israel has won more wars and killed more Palestinians in the process. However, the Israelis are only defending their nation. Israel has occupied Palestine for almost sixty years. Israel has the right to protect itself against attacks, and has a strict military policy to protect itself because it is surrounded by enemy nations. The current government of Palestine is regarded as a terrorist organization by many countries, such as Israel and the United States, which is why Israel is especially cautious.

How many people were killed in the genocide with Palestine and Israel?

There was no genocide in Palestine. This is hyperbole.As for the amount of Palestinians (both militants and civilians) that have been killed by Israelis (in uniform or not), the number is probably close to 16,000 individuals. However, when you realize that the total Palestinian population is 4,000,000+ people (of which 1.5 million live peacefully in Israel), it becomes clear that there is no genocide.

How many Israelis have the Palestinians missiles killed?

Comparitively few, considering the number of rockets launched into civilian neighborhoods. This has not resulted from any lack of trying.

Why did the Israelis allow the Palestinians to take control over the Gaza Strip and the West Bank territory in 1994?

They thought this would solve the peace problem but I hope you can clearly see they REALLY regret it. In Gaza Hamas has launched 10,000 rockets, mortars and grads since and in the west bank, it is a lot more quieter there but still anti-Israel. Israel is starting to take over the west bank which is great news for them and the west bank is also controlled by israel now.HintI am against killing civilians or even terrifying them. However, compare the number of Israelis killed by these 10000 rockets(a number that counts on the one hand fingers) by the number of Palestinians killed by the Israelis (a number that counts by hundreds if not thousands in addition to those in Jails).

How many Israelis have been killed by Palestinians?

According to Betselem (an Israeli Rights organization that is often seen as being Pro-Palestinian by Israelis) the count of Israelis killed by Palestinians since 1987 (the beginning of the first Intifada) until late 2011 is 1,517 civilian deaths. Military deaths are more ambiguous because it is difficult to distinguish an Israeli death from a "Non-Palestinian Arab bullet" from a "Palestinian Arab bullet". The number, though is probably between 1,000-2,000.

How many deaths fell in the Gaza war of 2009?

Between 1,166 and 1,417 Palestinians (of whom ca 700 were Hamas) and 13 Israelis (of whom 10 were soldiers) were killed.

What were causes of the first Intifada in palestine?

The First intifada in Palestine was a revolt of Palestinians against the occupying Israelis. The trigger was a car crashwherein four Palestinians were killed when their car was hit by an Israeli Army truck. Rumors quickly spread that the hit was intentional, and chaos ensued.

How many Palestinians have been killed by Israelis?

Between the various wars and Intifadas, around 15,000 to 16,000 Arabs identifying as Palestinians have died either as a result of Israeli military action, Israeli civilian action, or from blowing themselves up in Suicide Bombings during the Intifadas. The number decreases to 5,000-6,000 if the Palestinian Suicide Bombers in the Intifadas are removed from the calculation. Answer:Blowing themselves up does not qualify as being killed by Israelis. To address the Question: Too many Palestinians have been killed. Thousands. However, you should be aware that almost all of these deaths occurred as collateral damage while Israel was trying to defend its populace against terrorist rocket attacks, suicide bombers and the like. Israel targets military objectives, warning nearby civilians in advance through phone calls and leaflets, while Israel's terrorist enemies target civilian objectives almost exclusively. As one witness, a journalist, said: "Israel uses its weapons to protect its women and children, while Hamas uses women and children to protect its weapons" by putting them as a human shield near weapons caches and rocket launchers in Gaza. Thus Israel faces an impossible situation in which the terrorists are just waiting for Palestinians to be unintentionally killed so that they can sieze the opportunity to internationally bash Israel in the U.N. and the media. They shed false tears, which could have been prevented by laying down their Iran-supplied weapons and sitting down to negotiate. When Israeli civilians are killed, these same terorists hand out candies and sing in the streets.

Is Israel right in killing Palestine?

It is unclear what "killing Palestine" means. Palestine is landmass and cannot be killed in any current understanding of that term. If "killing Palestine" is meant to mean "killing Palestinians", then no, Israel has no right to arbitrarily kill Palestinians. However, Israel currently finds itself in a situation where Palestinians Militants are attacking Israeli civilians and attempting to penetrate Israeli borders. These violent acts invoke Israel's right to self-defense, which Israel has just like every other nation has. In those cases, Israel has the right to defend itself up to and including the elimination of the threat.

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