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By definition, an Israeli lives in Israel. US Citizens who HAPPEN to be of Jewish ancestry number in the millions. Since there is no way to count the NON-Practicing people of Jewish ancestry, any number you pick could be just as accurate as anything that I might post.


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Most Israelis live in the Tel Aviv or Jerusalem metropolitan areas.

The demonym of people who live in Israel is "Israelis." See also:More about Israel

It depends on where they live and who they live with

I am and Israeli by myself living in America. But typically Israelis live in Apartments or a House if they choose so.

Israel. The Hebrews people are Israelis.

Israelis excel in soccer, basketball, and many other sports.

The United States does not have a right to the Israelis' homeland. There is nothing to defend.

Israelis are a vast number of religions: Jewish, Sunni Muslim, Orthodox Christian, Druze, Baha'i, Catholic, Messianic Jewish, Protestant, etc. Not to mention, many Israelis are Atheists. Israelis worship in accordance with their beliefs.

The Israelites lived in Israel. They still live in Israel. But now, Israelites are called Israelis.

Israelis do not hate Jews. Most Israelis are Jewish.

Sharks don't live in the US. They live in the Oceans...

Israelis are citizens or nationals of Israel.

There are certainly some Christian Israelis, but most Israelis are Jewish with a large Muslim minority.

On the contrary, Israelis are seeking peace.

3.3 million Chinese live in the US.

there are 313,232,044 people live in USit's me (sanjeev)

Israelis and Arabs are in conflict and have been for a while. Many people use the words Jews and Israelis interchangeably since Israel is 80% Jewish, but less than 50% of all Jews live in Israel and nearly 10% of the Israeli Army is non-Jewish. The Jews outside of Israel are not in conflict with Arabs and a number of the non-Jewish Israelis are in conflict with the Arabs as well.

Israelis are Jews. Palestinians are Arabs.

well.. most of the israelis have TVs, just like in usa, Spain, Germany etc .. :) have a wonderful day, I hope I helped you ;)

In Israel.What an odd question. I'm at a loss trying to discern what point it's trying to make.To respond to the plain meaning of the question: It's beyond obvious that most Israelis'should' live in Israel.

Most people who live in Israel do not celebrate Christmas, since it isn't a Jewish holiday.

Zero. Israel pulled out of Gaza unilaterally about 8 years ago, and removed all settlements. If any would try to live there under Hammas rule, they would likely be shot.

about 100,000 shark live in the ocean in the US

Most Israelis range from Russian to Arab coloration. There are some Black, Hispanic, and Chinese Israelis, but they are a minority.

Most Israelis speak Hebrew.

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