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Approximately 2,120,000 Japanese soldiers were killed in the Second World War.


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2.12 Million Japanese Military were reported to be killed during World War 2.

2.12 Million Japanese Soldiers were killed during WW2.

2.12 Million Japanese soldiers died during WW2.

American soldiers were fighting on the European front against Germany (this front often includes those fighting in Africa) and the Pacific front against Japan.

- as troops in north Africa and Europe. - as airmen and seamen. - as soldiers fighting the Japanese. - as Japanese prisoners-of-war.

During World War II most Japanese soldiers ate a diet of rice and vegetables. In some place, they were required to eat whatever was available because the supply lines had been cut off.

Fighting on two fronts: The Germans and the Japanese.

The peak strength of the Japanese military during WWII was 6,095,000. Most of Japan's army were fighting in China. Japan's naval and marine forces fought in the Pacific theater against the US.

Life During WW2Many Chinese were victimised and other races were spared.There were hardships, sufferings and killings by the Japanese soldiers.The Japanese soldiers invaded Singapore on 15th Feb 1942.

John Curtin - to participate in the defence of Autralia after the Japanese entered the war in 1941, rather than leaving them fighting in a European war.

They were fighting for there freedom and ours

There used to be Christmas "Cease-Fires" during the Vietnam War.

The Jews had to wear the star of David. I guess soldiers fighting the war had to wear symbols of the countries they were fighting for.

They were attacked by the Japanese and the Texas cowboys.

Wilfred Owen... Try "Dulce et Decorum Est"

Over 2 million American Soldiers were sent over to Europe during World War I but since they were sent in the last year of fighting, many of them never saw combat.

German soldiers during World War I were called "Huns" by the American soldiers. The Germans called their soldiers "The Bosch" during World War I.

Roughly! Imperial soldiers considered surrendering to be cowardice. Like Sparta, soldiers were to fight to the death, or not fight at all.

How? Beacause it was telling the soldiers where the piolits were

During WWII Rommell is quoted as saying that if he had 3 battalions of Maori soldiers he would rule the world. He admired the intellect, fighting spirit, strength and ability of the 28th Maori Battalion.

they were fighting against the germans, japanese, and italy

unquestioned discipline of the Japanese soldiers and civilians!

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