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The percentage is from 45% - 68% of people died at Auschwitz were Jewish.

6,235,888 non-jewish people died

In 1945 over 2 out of every 3 Jewish people that had lived in Europe had died due to the war, or on their journey leaving Germany. In 1950, there were only 10 million Jewish people left.

About 54,000 out of a total Jewish population of about 70,000.

What's a Jewish Peaple? Is that some sort of Jewish religious altar or somethinf

He didnt "have" holocaust. He started what is known as The Holocaust where he captured many Jewish people and sent them to concentration camps. He claimed that Jews were the cause of the Germany's problems. Many if not most of the Jewish population of Germany and Poland died in these camps.

Most Jewish people are spread across the world because of the Holocaust. Many Jewish people left Germany in hopes of not having to die in gas chambers.

If you meant by People who died in Concentration Camps in Germany, then about 762,500 people died the Camps during the Holocaust.

9,000,000 people died in France during the Holocaust!!

1 person died in Germany in an air raid

Many Nazi's were forced to take any Jewish people that were in hiding and kill them because Germany or Europe were way to over populated by Jews.

many people were jewish and they came from Germany to United kingdom but there were alots of people went to other country such as:poland and etc. it start in world war two when hitler were in germany and he does't like jewish people and he don't want them to live in germany.

17 million people died, 6 million were Jewish

German names are usually for people of German descent, and Jewish names are usually for people of Jewish descent. Many Jewish surnames originated in Germany and are shared by both Germans and Jews.

Many were sent to 'relocation camps' which turned out to be death camps.

In the Holocaust, about 11 million. Half of those casualties were Jewish.

Somewhere betweein 150,000 to 340,000 died at Chelmno., Most of them were Jewish people.

No. England accepted many Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany.

1.35 Million People died in Auschwitz during the Holocaust and 15% of them were Jews, so around 200,000 People were Non-Jewish.

a lot. People are unlikely to answer this question as Germany and other countries have not yet revealed how many have died in Germany so you, nor any other person who wants to find this out, will be able to find out how many Jews have died at the Nazi Germany time.

When the Nazis had hold over Germany for a time, many people that migrated were Jewish. The Nazis were trying to eradicate the Jews, and many left as soon as they were able. Some non-Jewish Germans left as well because they did not agree with Nazi rule.

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