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There are about 18,000 Jews today in Sweden out of a population of 9 million =D

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Q: How many Jews are there in Sweden?
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How many Jews made it to Sweden?

8,000 by:person

How many jews escaped to sweden?

7 thousand jewish people were smuggled to Sweden.

What did Sweden to help the Jews?

Sweden did to help the Jews is that the Sweden risk their lives.also they let the Jews take them to another country.

Why did Sweden take the Jews?

Because the Jews were drunk and Sweden was horny.

How did Sweden help Jews in the holocaust?

Sweden took jews in because the Demark jews was sent to neutral demark 95% of Demark jews escaped into neutral sweden

How many Jews made it safely to Sweden out of 9000?


How many Jews were smuggled to Sweden in Number the Stars?

About 700-850 were saved.

Did the Jews go to Switzerland or Sweden?

Many, likely, went to both countries.

How many Jews were killed in Sweden during the Holocaust?

Sweden was neutral in WW2, therefore I just hope the answer to your question is nil.

What did non-Jews do to save the Jews?

they took them to sweden where they where will be safe

Where did the Jews escape to in World War 2?

Sweden. The Jews had to cross a large body of water to get there. Not many could make it.

How many Swedish Jews died in World War 2?

Sweden was not invaded by the Nazis, so Swedish Jews were safe.

What number out of 9000 Jews made it to Sweden?

99% of the non combatant jews coming to sweden survived the war.

How does Ellen go to Sweden in Number the Stars?

Ellen and her family, like many other Danish Jews, went to Sweden by boat.

Why were the Jews sent to Sweden?

Because Sweden was free during WWII.

When did the Jews leave Denmark for Sweden?


How did danish Jews escape to Sweden?

by boat

How Jews maded to Sweden?

mainly by boat.

In Denmark how many Jews escaped in all to Sweden during World War 2?


What did Sweden do during World War II?

Sweden assisted with hiding the Jews. Denmark sent many Jews by boat to Sweden. They gave them a place to live and food. Some stayed there after the war and others went to various countries after the war. Sweden help with underground network tasks too for Norway and Finland.

What happened to Swedish Jews during World War 2?

Sweden was neutral in World War 2, so Swedish Jews were safe in Sweden.

How did the people in Copenhagen help the Jews escape?

They ferried the Jews to southern Sweden, where they were safe.

Where did Uncle Henrik hide the Jews in Number the Stars?

In his boat taking the Jews to Sweden.

How many Jews were smuggled into Sweden during world war 2?

Approximately 12,000 Prior to the war

What did the Jews in Denmark do when they reached Sweden?

they found a job