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It is estimated to be over 800 Jews that were saved, along with Dutch underground workers, by the efforts of the ten Boom family in WWII.

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Q: How many Jews did Corrie ten Boom save?
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Why did Corrie ten Boom save the Jews?

Because the world war II was going on.

What part did Corrie ten Boom play in the holocaust?

She and the rest of the ten boom family did all that they could to save as many Jews as they could from the NAZI Holocaust. She is counted as a "Righteous Gentile" by Israel.

How many people did Corrie ten Boom save?

Thirty-five people.

What were corrie ten booms heroic actions?

Corrie ten Boom was a Christian survivor who helped lots of Jews escape the Nazis in World War 2. She write a book called The Hiding Place. It was made into a movie in 1973. Corrie ten Boom rescued jew's from Nazie's by inviting them to stay at her place. Her family where all kind, not just to jew's but the handicapped and homeles. In her bedroom she built a fake wall for refuges. They chose her bedroom since it was the highest place in the household and Nazies start there search lower down so they have time to close the secrate door. Corrie ten Boom chose to take a huge burden to make the lives of others better. Corrie Ten Boom was a Dutch Christian Holocaust. She was one of the survivors that helped some Jews escape from the Nazis in World War II. In 1940 the Nazis invaded the Netherlands and banned them from Corrie's ten Boom club for girls. She and her family were very active hiding refugees underground. She was a very kind person to the Jews especially the handicapped people. Corrie ten Boom is such a kind lady not like the other Germans that wouldn't care about the Jews. I think that Corrie wanted to save the children because she thought that not only she was a Jew and that she wanted the children to get away so the Nazis didn't capture them. As far as I know it was just like Felix and Zelda escaping away to find a place where they could stay. They were hiding under the burrow and were underground. I really admire her after the effort and hard work she's done. She helped Jews escape the Nazis. there was a small room in her bedroom were the Jews hid when an inspection happened the room was only 76 centimeters deep the size of a medium wardrobe to get to it there is a fake wall . initially a buzzer was installed to warn the people in the house when there was an inspection there is a book called "the hiding place co written by Corrie ten boom [ it is also a movie ] which is about this.

Why is Corrie ten Boom famous?

She's famous because she helped to save hundreds of Jews during the holocaust. She later wrote books about her experiences and what she went through and saw. Her book "The Hiding Place" is all about it. P.S. It's a good read. I'd recommend it if you're looking for stuff about her or the Holocaust

How many Jews did Albert Goering save?


How many Jews did varian fry save?


How many Jews did giorgio perlasca save?

he saved approximately 3,500

How many Jews did Angel Sanz briz save?

Approximately 5200.

How many Jews did Oskar Schindler save?

Oskar Schindler saved almost 1,200 Jews during WWII.

Did Jesus come to save the Jews?

Jesus came to save all peoples, Jews and Gentiles (non-Jews) both.

Why did Raoul Wallenberg save the Jews?

The world Jewish congress sent Raoul Wallenberg to save Hungary's Jews

How many Jews did the Danes save during the Holocaust?

The Danish people proved that the Holocaust could be stopped by saving 99% of their Jews. 7,220 of their 7,500 Jews survived the Holocaust.

What did non-Jews do to save the Jews?

they took them to sweden where they where will be safe

Did schlindler save Jews?


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How many Jews did the us save during World War 2?

There were certain organisations that worked with money raised in the US (generally American Jews), they managed to save numbers running into the double figures, but there was no government sponsored rescue.

What is a summary of the Jews and Gentiles?

The Jews and the Gentiles have a long history. Jesus came to save the Jews first and then the Gentiles were grafted in when the Jews rejected Him.

How did people save the Jews?

jesus was one

Why did the Nazis gas the Jews?

To save ammunition

How did Schindler save the Jews?

He saved some of them

Who are the Righteous Among The Nations?

Non Jews who risked their lives to save Jews by the Nazis.

When did America save the Jews from Hitler's attack?

America not 'save the Jews from Hitler's attack'. The Holocaust was not some sentimental B-movie with a happy ending.

From what did Jesus save the Jews?

Our Blessed Lord came to save everyone from the hell that we deserve on account of our sins. He did not just come for the Jews, but since they were God's chosen people, He started with them, afterall, "salvation is from the Jews."

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