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How many Jews survived World War 2?

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Worldwide there were about 16 million Jews in 1939 and about 10 million at the end of World War 2. Obviously, the number of people who were in actual danger of being sent to death camps and managed to avoid this fate is much smaller, and the number of Jews who were sent to camps but survived is even smaller. (Jews living in the U.S., Britain and other countries not under Nazi control should not be counted as survivors).

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How many Jews survived Bergen-Belsen?

How many Jews survived at the end of world war 2

Is there an exact number on how many Jews survived World War 2?

There is (an exact) number, but noone knows what it is.

Jews survived World War 2?

yes, but not all of themAnswer:About two-thirds of European Jews were killed by the Nazis.

In world war 2 what country lost the most Jews?

Poland - of the 3,000,000 Jews in pre-war Poland only 200,000 or so have survived.

How did the Jews survive World War 2?

Those who were in the areas of conflict survived through luck.

How many Jews died and how many survived during World War 2?

Over 6 million were killed, and I'm not sure if there is an exact number for the ones that survived, but I know it wasn't anything compared the amount that were killed.

Jews moved to what state after World War 2?

Some of the Jews who survived the Holocaust moved to British Mandate Palestine after World War 2. The U.N. later voted to give the Jews a homeland in Palestine. mainly just palestine!

How many Canadian soldiers survived world war 1?

About 534,617 soldiers survived world war I. 595,000 soldiers served and 60,383 were dead.

How many in military survived in world war 1?

About 55'692'800 troops in total survived the war on both sides combined

How did the Jews eat to survive during World War 2?

They ate what they could, some survived, some didn't.

How many Jews were killed in World War I?

In World War 1 the Jews were not specifically targeted. Perhaps you are thinking of World War 2 and the Holocaust?

How many people survived World War 1?


How many veterans survived world war 1?


How many soldiers survived in world war 2?

Impossible to answer.

What country allowed Jews in during World War 2?

Denmark was really the only country that helped its Jews during WWII. 99% of Danish Jews survived the Holocaust. Sweden and Switzerland, neutral countries, took in Jews during the war.

How many survivors of World War 2 was Jewish?

500 from concentration camps and a known 356 was hiding, theirs a guaranteed that there was more Jews who survived but still in hiding

How many Jews in Poland after World War II?

300,000 Polish Jews were in Poland at the end of World War 2.

What did Adolf Hitler do during World War 2?

Adolf Hitler committed many war crimes but was not captured because he committed suicide the day he saw that the whole German empire was destined to collapse and that Soviet soldiers were coming by the thousands. Adolf Hitler killed many Jews in World War II and tortured them, often by sending them to death or labor camps, in which many died every day. He believed that Jews were to blame for the German defeat in World War I. After the war, Isreal was created to help relocate the Jews that had survived the war. Many Jews would never even think about going back to Germany.

How did Jews feel during World War 2?

In Europe, conditions were horrible. Six million Jews were killed after being hounded and mistreated in many ways. Those of European Jewry who survived felt fear for their lives throughout the war. Elsewhere in the world, the Jews felt anguish and pain at what was happening in Europe. Many tried to help from afar but their abilities were limited.

Where are the jews that survived the war?

the two main destinations were Palestine and America.

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How many people survived World War 2?

1 enough

How many Australians survived World War 2?

About 5 million.

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