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A:The question relates to the extent of Jewish occupation of the modern lands immediately before the declaration of Israel's independence. Actual births are hard to quantify directly, but there are statistics on population. And of course, births can be estimated on the basis of population and Immigration.
  • On eve of Crimean War, (1853-56) about half a million people lived in Palestine, including 20,000 Jews.
  • By 1914, there were an estimated 70,000 Jews in Palestine. Many had arrived in the period since 1882.
  • Following the end of the First world War, the British classified the 800,000 inhabitants of Palestine according to religion: 650,000 Muslims; 80,000 Christians; 60,000 Jews. During the war, almost 40,000 Muslims, more than 10,000 Christians and more than 1,000 Jews had died fighting the Turks.
  • By the end of 1947, there were 600,000 Jews in Palestine. Most were legal and illegal immigrants, and so were not born in the territory.

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ISRAEL is a modern state that was created in 1948 by Jews in Palestine.

The Jews of the British Mandate of Palestine declared independence as Israel in 1948.

Answer 1There were about 806,000 Jews in Palestine in May 1948. About 483,000 Jews had immigrated to Palestine between 1919 and 1948.Answer 2Benny Morris, in his book, 1948, indicates there were only about 620,000 Jews at the beginning of 1948, under the British Mandate. He also indicates that there were less than 110,000 Jews in 1919. This suggests that over 500,000 Jews had immigrated to Palestine before the war in May 1948.In May 1948, about 1,250,000 Arabs lived in British Mandate Palestine. 670,000 Arabs fled the new state of Israel and slightly less than 65,000 were ever able to return to their homes.

Why Hamas hide behind Palestine when he launch 1,000 rockets into Israel to kill civilians there . . . Why Iran give rockets into Gaza through tunnels ... Why not food or medicine ... Can Palestine eat rockets ... Why Palestine send children to Israel to kill Jews ... Why Palestine dance in the street when Jews killed ... Why bomber go to Israel to blow up himself with Jews, and then Palestine pay his family ... Why Palestine teach his children that Jews are pigs and apes ... Why Israel telephone people in building to go away before he bomb building ? Not possible to kill Palestine if they know Israel is coming. Could get more if not call first. Answer2. Does she? In 1948 there were less than 200,000 Arabs in Jewish Palestine . Today there are 2,500,000, or 12 times more. Something does not fit in in your question. And honestly, for all those crimes against humanity Arabs committed, Jews should have simply knocked them out from Palestine- and end the story.

1948 Zionist never attacked Palestine; there were always Zionistic Jews in Israel. Palestine is just a name the British made up for the area; Zionist obviously couldn't have attacked it in 1948. Israel declared independence and most of the Arab countries attacked it.

They had been in Palestine for some time, but they declared the independence of the state of Israel on 14 May 1948.

In 1948, Jews didn't have a country, so they invaded Palestine, killed many Palestinians, and forced many out. The Jews then changed the name of Palestine to Israel.

Nope. Many Jews live in Israel (what used to be called Palestine).

The United Nations created the state of Israel in 1948.Before that it was the state of Palestine which was governed by the British.The Grand Mufti was a kind of Arab leader.

This question is based on a mistaken assumption. Most Jews do not call Israel Palestine and instead call it Israel. The only Jews who call Israel Palestine are those Jews who are anti-Zionist and therefore believe that the Palestinians should have the land.

Jews migrated to Israel after WWII as it was their ancestral homeland, and the events of WWII had shown that Jews were not welcome in Europe. Jews had been migrating to what was then the British Mandate of Palestine (after WWI) for years before WWII, however, and "Palestine" had always had Jews living there.

they had part of palestine.

in 1948 the British gave up there power in palestine the UN gave that area to be a Jewish homeland where the Jews could be free off persucution and so they renamed in Israel, (btw:Jacob from the bible changed his name to Israel as well) so basically 1948 is when Israel became a soviern nation

There is tension in Palestine today because of the conflict of the Jews and the Arabs. After WW II, the Jews wanted a refuge for themselves, and they wanted it in Palestine. But, both the Arabs and the Jews found Jerusalem a Holy City, and the Arabs didn't want Jews in their "claimed" city. Today, Palestine is split, one part for the Arabs, and another for the Jews. I found this website helpful.

It's the Arabian country that is named by all Arabs as Palestine,however it was occupied in 1948 by the Jews who named it Israel.

There is no exact year that Jews started going to Israel/Palestine when they had not been migrating before. Migration picked up immensely in 1919 because Jews finally had legal permission to migrate to Palestine, but migration has waxed and waned since that point and existed before that point.

Depends when they tried to get there. Most Jews in Israel today were born there.

The map (see link below) shows a country called Palestine. Some Jews invaded in 1948 and changed the name to Israel. They took more and more land until there was just a small area called Gaza for the surviving Palestinians to live in. Israel didn't have Gaza first, Palestine had Palestine first.

It's the Arabian country Palestine, which is for Arabs (regardless of their religions). It's claimed by Jews who occupied it in 1948 & named it Israel.

No. Jews had already been migrating to Israel/Palestine in substantial numbers since 1919.

Answer 1A certain tract of land which Israel partially controls was called the British Mandate of Palestine from 1922-1948. Palestine had previously been used as a regional term, not as the designation of any state or nation.Answer 2In the 2nd century CE, the Romans crushed the revolt of Shimon Bar Kokhba (132 CE), during which Jerusalem and Judea had been regained by the Jews. The Romans renamed Judea, calling it Palaestinain an attempt to minimize Jewish identification with the land of Israel.

The Jews claimed Israel based on the bible. The state of Israel was given to them in 1948 by the U.N.

Israel possesses the holy land of Palestine, which is where the basis of the country is situated. In addition, Israel occupies the land of the State of Palestine, a neighbor who has been conflicting with Israel since Israel's formation in 1948. The British Mandate of Palestine mostly became the Jewish State of Israel after World War II on account of the passage of UN Resolution 181, helped in no small measure by the sympathy for the Jews garnered because of the Holocaust. This was done so because Palestine is very holy to the Jews, among Christians and Muslims as well, and is described as the God given land to the Jews in the Torah.

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