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By about late 1939 very few Jews in Germany or Austria had jobs any more and those who did (for example, in the professions) were only allowed to work for other Jews. In mid 1939 Heydrich wrote to Himmler suggesting that an official list of occupations be drawn up that Jews were allowed to do, as he feared that otherwise they would become a burden on the "public purse". Himmler replied telling him not to worry about it ...

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Who forced Jews to live in the ghettos?

During World War 2 the Nazis and some of their allies forced Jews to live in ghettos in many parts of Europe.

Where did Jews go before concentration camps?

In many countries, such as Poland and Lithuania, the Nazis first forced the Jews to live in overcrowded ghettos.

Why did Elie Wiesel go to Buchenwald?

He had no choice. He (and many other Jews) were forced into many camps like this by the Nazis and Hitler.

How did nazi change life for Jews living in Europe economically?

The Nazis outlawed many and eventually almost all jobs for Jews, eliminating their ability to support themselves.

How are Nazis and Jews alike?

Nazis and Jews are not alike in any way. Those people who say or believe that Nazis and Jews are alike are not only wrong, they are intolerant and bigoted. Nazis, the followers of Adolph Hitler, discriminated against Jews, and murdered or tortured many Jews in the Holocaust. Ask any Holocaust survivor, and they will tell you how the Nazis harmed the Jews. They will also tell you that Jews are not Nazis, and are not like the Nazis in any way.

By the war's end, about how many Jews had been murdered by the Nazis?

6 million

How many Nazis were killed by Jews?

the Nazis killed the Jews ------------------------------- i know of twenty, but there are more, partisans did not keep such records.

How did Nazis trick the Jews into the camps?

The Nazis simply layed a trail of cookie crums so that the Jews would follow and when the Nazis had the Jews in there trap they would lock then gates

How many Jews were captured by the Nazis?


How many Jews did Hitler and the Nazis estimate to kill?

6 million jews

How many Jews did the Nazis kidnapped?

six million

How many Jews were murdered at Auschwitz?

Around 1,100,000 Jews were murdered at Auschwitz by the Nazis.

How many Jews were threatened by the Nazis?

6.8 million Jews were murdered

What did the Nazis believe about the Germans and the Jews?

The Nazis believed many, often contradictory, things about the Jews. One of the Nazis' favourite themes was that the Jews and the Germans were locked in some mysterious struggle for domination of Germany, Europe, even the world!

How many jews did the Nazis annihalate?

Roughly 6 million Jews were murdered by the Nazis, either in the concentration camps, or outside the camps during the war.

How did the conflict between the Jews and the Nazis begin and why?

There was no conflict, no war between the Jews and the Germans. If anything, many Jews were inclined to be pro-German. There was a completely unprovoked onslaught by the Nazis against the Jews, mainly because the Nazis regarded Jews as Communists - and Nazism saw the eradication of Communism at its key 'mission'.

What did the Nazis do to make the Jews fear them?

The Nazis would beat the Jews up and treat the worthlessly. But the Nazis tried their best not to let the Jews know what they were doing. They would tell other Jews not to tell other Jews about what they were doing. But if I had to say then the Nazis would just shoot people in front of the Jews and many scary things. I advise you to watch movies and historical movies of the time so you personally can see how the Jews were treated.

How many Jews did the Nazis and their allies kill?

6 million

How many Jews had been murdered by the Nazis?

About six million.

Why were Jews forbidden to enter public parks?

It was one of the many ways in which the Nazis humiliated the Jews.

How many Jews and gypsies did the Nazis kill?

6 million Jews. Not sure about how many Romanies.Answer:Current research places the number of Roma killed by the Nazis at between 100,000 and 200,000.

A night of anti-jewish violence became know as?

Kristallnacht also called night of broken glass. many Jewish shops were looted. 93 Jews killed that night. many synagogues were burned to the ground. afterwards the Jews were forced to clean up . they were charged for the damages by the Nazis. also they had to give any insurance they collected to the Nazis. this was the writing on the wall for the jews, many began to try to flee the country.

Nazis moved many Jews from their homes and confined them in small areas of a city also knowned as what?

Nazis moved many Jews from their homes and confined them in small areas of a city also known as what?

What was the Nazis rampage against the Jews?

The Nazis had a major problem with the Jews and this is still remembered many years later. The rampage took place in 1938 and it is called the Kristallnacht.

How many Jews are alleged to have been killed by the Nazis in the Holocaust?

6,000,000 Jews were killed during the holocaust.

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