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Since 1945-46, the most commonly quoted figure for the total number of Jews killed has been an estimate of approximately six million. This figure, first given at the Nuremberg Tribunal, has been broadly confirmed by later research.

The Holocaust commemoration center, the Yad Vashem Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority in Jerusalem, comments:

There is no precise figure for the number of Jews killed in the Holocaust. The figure commonly used is the six million established by the Nuremberg Tribunal in 1946 and repeated later by Adolf Eichmann, a senior SS official. Most research confirms that the number of victims was between five and six million. Early calculations range from 5.1 million (Professor Raul Hilberg) to 5.95 million (Jacob Leschinsky). More recent research, by Professor Yisrael Gutman and Dr. Robert Rozett in the Encyclopedia of the Holocaust, estimates the Jewish losses at 5.59-5.86 million, and a study headed by Dr. Wolfgang Benz presents a range from 5.29-6.2 million. The main sources for these statistics are comparisons of prewar censuses with postwar censuses and population estimates. Nazi documentation containing partial data on various deportations and murders is also used. We estimate that Yad Vashem currently has somewhat more than four million names of victims that are accessible.
Raul Hilberg, in the third edition of his ground-breaking three-volume work, The Destruction of the European Jews, estimates that 5.1 million Jews died during the Holocaust. This figure includes "over 800,000" who died from "Ghettoization and general privation"; 1,400,000 who were killed in "Open-air shootings"; and "up to 2,900,000" who perished in camps. Hilberg estimates the death toll in Poland at "up to 3,000,000". Hilberg's numbers are generally considered to be a conservative estimate, as they typically include only those deaths for which some records are available, avoiding statistical adjustment. British historian Martin Gilbert used a similar approach in his "Atlas of the Holocaust", but arrived at a number of 5.75 million Jewish victims, since he estimated higher numbers of Jews killed in Russia and other locations.

One of the most authoritative German scholars of the Holocaust, Wolfgang Benz of the Technical University of Berlin, cites between 5.3 and 6.2 million Jews killed in Dimension des Völkermords (1991), while Yisrael Gutman and Robert Rozett estimate between 5.59 and 5.86 million Jewish victims in the Encyclopaedia of the Holocaust (1990).

There were about 9.4 million Jews in the territories controlled directly or indirectly by the Nazis. (Some uncertainty arises from the lack of knowledge about how many Jews there were in the Soviet Union). The 6 million killed in the Holocaust thus represent about 64% of these Jews. Of Poland's 3.3 million Jews, over 90 percent were killed. The same proportion were killed in Latvia and Lithuania, but most of Estonia's Jews were evacuated in time. In Czechoslovakia, Greece, the Netherlands and Yugoslavia, over 70 percent were killed. More than 50 percent were killed in Belgium, Hungary and Romania. It is likely that a similar proportion were killed in Belarus and Ukraine, but these figures are less certain. Countries with notably lower proportions of deaths include Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Italy and Norway. Finally, of the 750,000 Jews in Germany and Austria in 1933, only about a quarter survived. Although many German Jews emigrated before 1939, the majority of these fled to Czechoslovakia, France or the Netherlands, from where they were later deported to their deaths.
The number of people killed at the major extermination camps is estimated as follows:
Auschwitz-Birkenau: 1.4 million; Belzec: 500,000; Chelmno: 152,000; Majdanek: 78,000; Maly Trostinets: 65,000; Sobibór: 250,000; and Treblinka: 870,000.

This gives a total of over 3.3 million; of these, 90% are estimated to have been Jews. These seven camps alone thus accounted for half the total number of Jews killed in the entire Nazi Holocaust. Virtually the entire Jewish population of Poland died in these camps.

In addition to those who died in the above extermination camps, at least half a million Jews died in other camps, including the major concentration camps in Germany. These were not extermination camps, but had large numbers of Jewish prisoners at various times, particularly in the last year of the war as the Nazis withdrew from Poland. About a million people died in these camps, and although the proportion of Jews is not known with certainty, it was estimated to be at least 50 percent. Another 800,000 to 1 million Jews were killed by the Einsatzgruppen in the occupied Soviet territories (an approximate figure, since the Einsatzgruppen killings were frequently undocumented). Many more died through execution or of disease and malnutrition in the ghettos of Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and Hungary before they could be deported.
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How many people were killed during the Holocaust not just Jews?

Roughly 11 million people were killed in the Holocaust. Six million Jews and five million non-Jews (Slavs, Gypsies, Homosexuals, Political Enemies, Jehova's Witnessesn, sympathetic citizens, etc). This figure includes the camps as well as the mass graves in the country sides, killings on the street, ( Full Answer )

Why were Jews got killed in the Holocaust?

Answer . \nbecause Hitler believed that anyone different than him needed to be "exterminated". nobdy knows for sure why he felt that way.

Where were most of the Jews killed in the Holocaust?

Most of the killing took place in Poland and Eastern Europe. The various articles in Wikipedia on the individual extermination camps are roughly as follows: . Auschwitz-Birkenau: 1.1 million (minimum, of whom about 960,000 were Jews) . Belzec: 435,000 Jews plus an unknown number of Roma . Chelm ( Full Answer )

How many Austrian Jews were killed in the Holocaust?

There are no separate numbers for Austria; as Austria & Germany were one country during the time period for the Holocaust. The eve-of-war population of Jews in Germany and Austria is estimated to have been about 240,000 of whom about 210,000 were killed. Most of the remainder survived by escaping to ( Full Answer )

How many Jews were killed in Austria during the Holocaust?

There are no separate numbers for Austria; as Austria & Germany were one country during the time period for the Holocaust. The pre-war population of Jews in Germany and Austria is estimated to have been about 240,000 of which about 210,000 were killed. Most of the remainder survived by escaping to o ( Full Answer )

Why did the Jews get killed in the Holocaust?

After World War I, Germany was in an economic crisis and Hitler was looking for a way to gather people together, to rally them for an effort to dominate the world. The best way he saw that he could do this, is creating a common enemy that his people could learn to hate and attack. Many of Hitler's ( Full Answer )

How many Jews were killed a year in the Holocaust?

About 1,571,428 Jews were killed a year during the holocaust. (6 million overal). ___ Any annual figure is notional, as most of the killings took place between about April 1942 and late in 1944.

How many Jews were killed in Poland during the Holocaust?

About 3 million Polish Jews were murdered, mostly in Poland (especially at Trebkinka, Chelmno, Majdanek, Belzec, Sobibor and Auschwitz). About half of Polish Jews died due to starvation, disease and mass shooting by the Germans. However, the total number of Jews killed in occupied Poland was high ( Full Answer )

In what way did they kill the Jews in the Holocaust?

Hitler toutred people in many horiffic ways that i would rather not talk about. But his Police (SS) would use ther dogs, hang them, drown, starve, burn, freeze, perform surgery on them while they were awake, poision them, etc. He also would keep certain people for work mostly the men. They would s ( Full Answer )

What type of Jews were killed in the Holocaust?

all kinds of Jews were killed in the holocaust. the answer is: all ___ The Nazis killed all the Jews they could find: it was not a matter of killing one type of Jew rather than another. Obviously, on the whole, Jews outside Europe were safe, though Vichy France did hand some Jews living in Nor ( Full Answer )

Did the holocaust kill only Jews?

No. 5 million non-Jews (Slavs, Romani, Jehovah's Witnesses,Political Opponents, etc.) were also killed during the Holocaust.However, the thrust of the violence was intended for the Jews.

How many Jews were killed during the Holocaust in Latvia?

It is felt that out of some 93,475 Latvian Jews (1935 census) about 70,000 did not survive World War II. While it is clear that the vast majority of these died as a result of the Holocaust, it is not possible to say how many of these died in the holocaust and how many as a result of other factors, p ( Full Answer )

Was it only Jews killed in the Holocaust?

It wasn't only the Jews, other people were killed because of the war, but the Holocaust is the term used about what happened during World War II when Adolf Hitler tried to kill all the Jews he could get his hands on. In the end he killed MILLIONS of Jews. I am NOT kidding. Gypsies were also a main ( Full Answer )

How were Jews killed during the Holocaust?

They were killed in concentration camps. They were starved to death, died of typhus (a disease very popular then) and they were burned to death. some were killed by mobile killing units. Sometimes they were pulled out of there homes and shot in broad day light! sometimes they would gas them to dea ( Full Answer )

How many non Jews were killed in the Holocaust?

955478 non jews were killed ___________ The above answer is too precise to be accurate. It suggests, misleadingly, that every death was meticulously recorded and classified.

How many German Jews were killed in the Holocaust?

The best estimate is about 165,000 (or more) German Jews and 65,000 Austrian Jews. These figures include German and Austrian Jews who fled to other countries that were subsequently invaded by the Nazis, such as the Netherlands and France, and were deported from there.

Why were all the jews killed in the holocaust?

They weren't all killed. But a vast majority of them were. Being ashow so many were unable to defend themselves from their eventualcapture by the Nazis or by the German armies that caught them. TheGermans were mainly the ones fighting the war. Most of the Naziswere assigned to wiping out all the Jew ( Full Answer )

Were Jews the most killed in the Holocaust?

Yes. Jews alone constituted 6 million dead. All of the otherminorities (Gypsies, Jehovah's Witnesses, Slavs, Communists, etc.)combined total 5 million dead.

How many Jews were killed in Romania during the Holocaust?

"According to an international commission report released by the Romanian government in 2004, the number of Jews who lost their lives was between 280,000 to 380,000 in Romania and in the war zones of Bessarabia, Bukovina, Transdnistria and Hungarian occupied Transylvania". Source: http://en.wikip ( Full Answer )

How many Russian Jews were killed in the Holocaust?

It depends on what you mean by Russian Jews . If you mean Soviet Jews, then a plausible thread in the Axis History Forum gives these estimates: USSR 1,050,000 (1939 borders) . Belorussian SSR 250,000 (1939 borders) . Ukrainian SSR 656,000 (1939 borders) . Russian SFSR 144,000 In addition: ( Full Answer )

How many Jews were killed per day during the Holocaust?

Of course it is possible to work out a daily figure, but this can be misleading. Routine gassings began on 8 December 1941 (at Chelmno) and the Holocaust lasted practically till the end of World War 2 in Europe. On that basis you would get a daily figure of about 4,600 killed per day. However, th ( Full Answer )

How many non-jews were killed in the Holocaust?

6 million. One often finds a figure of '11 million, of whom 6 million were Jews'. However, the figure is given without any explanation of who the other 5 million were and should be treated with caution.

Why did Hitler kill so many Jews in the Holocaust?

Because he was an evil man who wanted to wipe Jews off the surface of the Earth. He was a German man, and Germans are the ones who started both World Wars, in effort to conquer the world. Jews are known to survive the impossible and hurtful, with the help of our one and only G-d. We give Him all our ( Full Answer )

How were the Jews killed in the Holocaust?

The Jews were killed: . By gassing (or sometimes shooting) in extermination camps . By being worked to death on inadequate food in concentration camps . In mass, open-air shootings . By disease and starvation in ghettos and concentration camps. Conditions were insanitary and these places were ( Full Answer )

Why did Jews get killed in the Holocaust?

This question implicitly has two parts. The first is a question asto the rationales that the Nazis believed in to justifyAnti-Semitic beliefs and the second is a question as to why theNazis felt the need to kill the Jews as a way to solve theseAnti-Semitic concerns. The Reasons for Anti-Semitism i ( Full Answer )

How many Latvian Jews were killed in the Holocaust?

In the Axis History Forum (see link) the number is given as about 77,000. This figure sounds fairly accurate. Note that in addition to Latvian Jews, many German Jews were deported to Latvia and shot in 'killing fields' near the capital, Riga.

Why were Jews killed in the Holocaust?

Answer 1 This question implicitly has two parts. The first is a question as to the rationales that the Nazis believed in to justify Anti-Semitic beliefs and the second is a question as to why the Nazis felt the need to kill the Jews as a way to solve these Anti-Semitic concerns. The Reasons for ( Full Answer )

What percentage of the Jews were killed in the Holocaust?

In Europe , before the start of World War 2 there were about 9.3 million Jews. About 6 million perished in the Holocaust, which gives a percentage of about 64.5%. Worldwide , there were about 16 million Jews in 1939, of whom nearly all those who were killed lived in Europe. Nearly all the Jews ki ( Full Answer )

Why were the Jews killed in The Holocaust in Germany?

The Nazi's killed Jews in the holocaust in Germany and elsewhere because they saw them as not human because they wanted someone to blame. This is because after ww1 they had everything taken off them and they were effectivley beaten to a bloody pulp and then left to die so they had to blame somebody. ( Full Answer )

What were the Jews killed with at Holocaust?

Holocaust was not a place. The holocaust was a word used for an event that happened during world war 2. A word used to encompass all of the war crimes committed against the various minority groups targeted by the Nazi regime. As for the methods of killing, if it can be imagined by man, it was used ( Full Answer )

How many Jews were killed in the Holocaust in Lithuania?

The term Holocaust usually refers to the industrial scale mass murder of Jews, Gypsies, partisans, intellectuals, and other "undesirables" in the death camps of Poland and Germany, after the summer of 1941. The killing in Lithuania predates the death camps, having occurred during the German attack o ( Full Answer )

How many Jews were killed in the Holocaust and how does this prove the Holocaust did happen?

Over 7 million Jews were killed throughout Europe during the Holocaust. I really don't see how people can deny that the Holocaust happened at all. Think of all of the survivors. You can't fake that kind of trauma to a person's spirit. _________ The 'classic' figure is 6 million, but some histo ( Full Answer )

How many people were killed in the holocaust other than Jews?

People that were killed during the Holocaust in addition to the millions of Jews were the Freemasons, Jehovah's Witnesses, homosexuals, and people with disabilities. Also killed were Gypsies, Poles, Soviet POWs, and slaves in Eastern Europe.