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About 100, or slightly fewer.

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What is the night of the kristallnacht called?

The night of Kristallnacht would be the Night of Broken Glass.

What methods were used to calm Jews as they entered the concentration camps?

Sometimes Jews were drugged or starved on the journey to the concentration camps. Also, they might have entered the camps at night, when they could not see the condition of the camps.

Why did the night of broken glass happen?

The Night of Broken Glass is also known as Kristallnacht in German. It happened on November 9 and 10, 1938 as a series of attacks against the Jews in Nazi Germany. It was a way to terrify the Jews and capture them to kill or confine to concentration camps.

What was the day that the Holocaust started?

That's hard to answer. There was no real date that it began, but many point to the night of November 9, 1938 as the beginning. This night was called the Kristallnacht, or night of broken glass. On this night, thousands of Jewish businesses and Synagogues were destroyed by the Nazis, and more than 200,000 Jews were arrested and sent to concentration camps.

What is crystal night?

Kristallnacht (German pronunciation: [kʁɪsˈtalˌnaxt]; literally "Crystal night") or the Night of Broken Glass or "night of shattered crystal" was a pogrom in Nazi Germany on November 9-10, 1938. On a single night, 91 Jews were murdered and 25,000-30,000 were arrested and deported to concentration camps.[1][2] It is often called Novemberpogrom or Reichspogromnacht in German.

What kind of things did Adolf Hitler do during the Holocaust?

Well one of the things that the terrible Adolf Hitler did was send innocent jews to Concentration Camps to be barried with gas and burned to death . He was also in charge of the Kristallnacht night of violence against Jews.

What was kristallnacht or the night of broken glass?

where the Nazis went round and killed 91 Jews, and took 30,000 male Jews to concentration camps. they also went round with hammers and broke everyones windows and doors, and smashed synagogues, leaving streets covered in broken glass, so it was called night of broken glass. cheers

Can anyone give me a feature story on Elie Wiesel?

NIGHT. Its about his time in the concentration camps during the holocaust.

What was the night called that many Jew were killed and taken away to concentration camps?

It was the night of the Kristallench, when the Germans invaded Jews' homes, smashed all their china and crystal, and forced them to go into the death camps

What does kristallnacht mean?

The term kristallnacht means the night of the broken glass. It was the night Jewish shops and synagogues were attacked by the Nazi's leaving the streets covered in glass.

What was the German name for the night the windows of the Jewish gettos were smashed at the start of World War 2?

Kristallnacht (literally "Crystal Night") or the Night of Broken Glassalso known as :Novemberpogrome -the pogrom of november, Reichskristallnacht -the reich's Crystal night, Reichspogromnacht - reich's pogrom,Pogromnacht91 Jews were murdered and 25,000 to 30,000 were arrested and placed in concentration camps. 267 synagogues were destroyed, and thousands of homes and businesses were ransacked. This was done by the Hitler Youth, the Gestapho and the SS.Kristallnacht also served as a pretext and a means for the wholesale confiscation of firearms from German Jews to prevent their resistance at a later date

How do you say The Night of the Broken Glass in German?

KristallnachtKristallnacht took place on the 9-10 November 1938.

Night Elie Wiesel timeline?

The order of concentration camps he went to was... Auschwitz Birkenau Buna Gleiwitz Buchenwald

When did the prisoners sleep in the concentration camps during the Holocaust?

The prisoners slept at night. The Germans didn't run lights at night in fear of aerial attacks.

Why did Elie Wiesel write the novel Night?

e wrote Night to tell people how horrible the Holocaust was and to tell us his experience in the concentration camps.

Were the arrested Jews handcuffed on Kristallnacht?

Handcuffs were surely involved with some of the arrests, though not with all of them. Many Jews were simply subdued with a gun pointed at them, and others were bound at the wrists with rope. In all, about 33,000 Jews were arrested (and subsequently shipped off to various concentration camps) during the Night of Broken Glass.

Where did Hitler kill Jews?

In concentration camps. He had people killed by the thousands every day in concentration camps throughout Europe. You should read a book called "Night" by Eliezer Wiesel. **************************************************************************** You're stretching it a bit by saying, "He (Hitler) had people killed by the thousands everyday in concentration camps through out Europe." Of course people died in all the camps but there were only three camps in which people including the Jews were "killed" and all three were in Poland.

Who saved the Jews from concentration camps according to the book Night?

the American army found so of th Jews in concetration camps when they went into the forests, the Germans had left the camps so that the aarmys cant find them

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