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About 700-850 were saved.


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He smuggled them to Sweden from Denmark.

7 thousand jewish people were smuggled to Sweden.

In his boat taking the Jews to Sweden.

Ellen and her family, like many other Danish Jews, went to Sweden by boat.

Cigarettes was the name for the Jews. He asked if the weather was good for fishing, meaning was it clear to have the Jews escape by boat.

99% of the non combatant jews coming to sweden survived the war.

Ellen and her family go to Sweden where it is safe for all Jews in Denmark..... It is a very interesting story :)

The fisherman is Uncle Henrik. He is Annemaries uncle. He helps the Jews escape to Sweden on his ship.

Ellen represents Denmark's Jews who went to Sweden during the German occupation of Denmark.

Out of 8000 jews, more than 7000 were smuggled to Sweden. About 450 were sent to concentration camps, and none were sent to extermination camps. All in all 102 Danish Jews died during the Holocaust

Ellen Rosen survived the war by going to Sweden, like many other Danish Jews during WWII.

Sweden did to help the Jews is that the Sweden risk their lives.also they let the Jews take them to another country.

Because the Jews were drunk and Sweden was horny.

Sweden took jews in because the Demark jews was sent to neutral demark 95% of Demark jews escaped into neutral sweden

Because Jews wear the Star of David and there saying number the Jews because Hal Hitler is killing all of the Jews.

There is no Rosemary in Number the Stars. However, the Rosen's are Jews, which means their religion is Judaism.

Peter is in the Danish resistance group. The resistance helps Jews escape to Sweden, a free country. at the end of the book Peter is killed but he played a significant role in the book.

During WWII, the Jewish population of Denmark helped the Jews go to Sweden, which was a neutral country during WWII.

Sweden created a handkerchief that the Danish Jews used for wearing off the dogs sense of smell. You have to read the book "Number the stars". It tells you all about it. The handkerchief is for fishermen only because they need it to ward off the dogs so that they don;t know that they have people on board to sail to Sweden.

The author included stars because all the jews are wearing yellow stars(star of david)

There are about 18,000 Jews today in Sweden out of a population of 9 million =D

Number the Stars is about a girl named Annamarie that has a best friend, Ellen Rosen, that is Jewish. Where they live, in Copenhagen, the Nazis from Germany are trying to relocate the all the Jews. But Annamarie and her family have to risk their lives to save Ellen and her family to keep them from being captured and relocated be the Nazis. They do end up saving them and many other Jews by helping them escape to Sweden by boat.

Nobody. Clothes, for the Jews who attended the 'funeral'.

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