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In the band, 'Jonas brothers', there are three members, Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas. However, in the Jonas family, there are four. Frankie Jonas is the youngest Jonas Brother at the age of nine.

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Q: How many Jonas Brothers there are?
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How many records have the Jonas Brothers sold so far on A Little Bit Longer?

how many records has the Jonas brothers had? how many records has the Jonas brothers had?

How many sisters and brothers does the Jonas Brothers have?

the Jonas brothers have no sisters but have one little brother and there are three Jonas brothers if you didnt know

How Many Albums Has Jonas Brothers Have?

4 albums together as the Jonas Brothers

How many younger brothers do the Jonas brothers have?

One, "Bonus Jonas" Frank (Franklin Nathaniel) Jonas.

How many Jonas' ae there?

there are 3 Jonas brothers

How many brothers does Jonas brothers have?

Three. 1. Joe Adam Jonas 2. Paul Kevin Jonas 3. Frankie Jonas

How many have the Jonas brothers played in?

How many what?

How many awards have the Jonas Brothers received?

Actually the JONAS BROTHERS have won 15 awards.

Will the Jonas Brothers come to bc?

I think the Jonas brothers might if there are many fans in BC.

How many Jonas Brothers questions are on WikiAnswers?

There are over 12,500 Jonas Brothers FAQ on WikiAnswers.

Are Jonas Brothers brothers?

the jonas brothers are real brothers

How many people are there in the Jonas brothers?

3 nick Jonas,joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas

How many albums did the Jonas Brothers make?

The Jonas Brothers have made 6 total albums together

How many children did the Jonas Brothers have?

Well...The Jonas Brothers Haven't Had Any Kids Yet. 0=

How many Grammy Awards did the Jonas Brothers win?

The Jonas Brothers never won a Grammy Award.

How many years have the Jonas Brothers been singing?

=The Jonas Brothers have been singing for 3 years.=

How many people bought the Jonas Brothers album?

There were millions of people who had bought a Jonas Brothers album.

How many homes does Jonas Brothers own?

if the Jonas brothers still have the house in New Jersey then they have 3

How many concert did the Jonas Brothers do in 2008?

In 2008, the Jonas Brothers had their "When you look me in the eyes" concert tour.

Are the Jonas Brothers called the Lucas and Jonas Brothers in Jonas?

No. In the show they are the Lucas Brothers. Their Band name in the show is JONAS, but they are not called the Jonas Brothers.

How many Jonas Brothers are there which are not in the band?

There are 4 Jonas brothers all together. Nick, Kevin, Joe and Frankie Nick, Joe and Kevin are the band "The Jonas Brothers"

How many easrs has the Jonas Brothers been together?

the Jonas brothers really are brothers but they have been singing together for 6 years

What was Jonas Brothers originally?

The Jonas Brothers are Brothers!!! Their name before they chose the name the Jonas Brothers was gonna be Sons of Jonas

Where did the Jonas Brothers get the name Jonas Brothers?

well there last name is Jonas and they are brothers

Who is better the Jonas Brothers or the naked brothers?

the Jonas brothers