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How many McDonald's restaurants are in Beijing?

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How many McDonalds restaurants in Berlin?

there are 243 mcdonalds resturants in berlin

How many McDonalds restaurants are there in the world?

McDonalds is a worldwide restaurant chain that employs over one million people. There are 35,000 McDonalds restaurants in the world.

How many McDonald's restaurants are there in Illinois?

There are 4565 mcdonalds in illinois!

How many McDonald's restaurants are there in Auckland?

there are 29 Mcdonalds are in Auckland

How many McDonald branches in the world?

To be exact, there are 7,567 McDonalds restaurants worldwide!

Are there any famous restaurants?

The Mcdonalds chain of restaurants is extremely famous.

Is McDonalds restaurants open christmas day?

Yes, some McDonalds restaurants are open Christmas Day until 3 PM.

How many McDonald's restaurants are there in New Zealand?

There is around 145 McDonalds restaurants in NZ.There are 149 McDonald's Restaurants in New Zealand.1 hope this helps

How many new McDonald's restaurants open every day?

McDonalds plans to open 1000 new restaurants this year, which works out to be about 2.8 restaurants every day.

What restaurants can you drive a cheap car to in the UK?

One can drive a cheap car to many restaurants in the UK. One can do this to fast food restaurants such as McDonalds or Indian, Italian, Japanese restaurants etc.

How many McDonald's resturants are there in the world?

there are more than 32 thousand Mcdonalds restaurants worldwide.

How many McDonald's restaurants in Iowa?

There are 1,122 McDonalds restauraunts in Iowa as of Feb. 1st 2011

The most fast food restaurants?

i believe mcdonalds does

What is the approximate number of restaurants in the McDonalds chain?

According to the McDonald's people, they have restaurants in 120 countries.

Where are the nutrition facts listed for McDonald's menu items?

The nutritional facts for McDonalds are listed on their website. McDonalds restaurants also have nutritional facts available upon request. Increasingly McDonalds restaurants are publishing nutritional facts, especially calorie counts, on their menus.

What restaurants are open on Christmas Day in Regina?

McDonalds, Denny's, and the Husky Truck stop in the east end (beside McDonalds)

What countries does mcdonalds have restaurants in?

The United States, Perferably Orange County

Why are geographers interested in mcdonalds restaurants?

To taste the sh!ty food they have there..

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