How many Methodist in the world?

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About 10 million.

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30 million

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Q: How many Methodist in the world?
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How many are methodist?

70,000,000 world wide and 7,900,000 in the USA.

When was World Methodist Council created?

World Methodist Council was created in 1881.

Where the Methodist Hospital?

There are many Methodist hospitals, all over the world. In the U.S., most large urban areas have hospitals and universities/colleges associated with the Methodist Church.

What is the governing body of a Methodist church?

World Methodist Council (made up of bishops and ministers)

How many pages does The United Methodist Hymnal have?

The United Methodist Hymnal has 960 pages.

Who is in charge of the Methodist church?

There are different types of Methodism (Methodist Church of Ghana, Methodist Church of Great Britain, Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, United Methodist Church, African Methodist Episcopal Church of Zion, etc.) They all meet together with the World Methodist Council (made up of ministers, professors, and bishops) which are in charge of the universal methodist faith. Each then, in part, have their own bishops or other leaders.

How many Methodist presidents have you had?

Two were active members of the Methodist Church. Three others attended Methodist Services with some frequency but did not join. One other professed to be a Methodist but attended his wife's Presbyterian Church.

How many followers are there in Methodist Christianity?


How many sacrements are there in a Methodist church?


How many countries in which there are Methodist churches?


How many members are in the united Methodist church?


What language does Methodist people speaks?

Members of the Methodist religion live in many different countries and they speak the language of their countries.

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