How many Methodist members are there?

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according to Wikipedia, 12 million members.

Members of the Methodist religion live in many different countries and they speak the language of their countries.

Two were active members of the Methodist Church. Three others attended Methodist Services with some frequency but did not join. One other professed to be a Methodist but attended his wife's Presbyterian Church.

Non-members may serve on committees in the United Methodist church.

There are numerous Freemasons that are also members of Methodist churches.

Methodists. If they are a member of the United Methodist church, they are United Methodists, but will also respond to just Methodists.

African Methodist Episcopal--a branch of Methodism that broke off when black members were discriminated against by white members.

The United Methodist Hymnal has 960 pages.

Proselytizing is the practice of one person or group actively trying to persuade others of the same faith to attend or become members of their parish or church, such as members of Methodist Church A convincing members of Methodist Church B across town to leave their church and join Methodist Church A. I hear proselytizing most commonly referring to Evangelicals who seek to proselytize Roman Catholics or "high church" protestants.

Typically, disputes within United Methodist congregations are settled by reference to the Book of Discipline, guidance from the pastor and/or bishop, and by vote of the members.

There are many Methodist hospitals, all over the world. In the U.S., most large urban areas have hospitals and universities/colleges associated with the Methodist Church.

The AME Church is the African Methodist Episcopal Church founded in 1796 in Pennsylvania, as black members separated from the white Methodist Church. The AME Zion Church is the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church which was founded in 1796 in New York., as black members in that area separated from the white Methodist Church. Zion was added to the name of the church to be able to identify the two denominations that started at the same time. Type your answer here...

Southern Baptist Convention with 16.2M members. 2nd largest is United Methodist Church with 7.8M members.

Yes as long as both pastors are in agreement and the congregation of the Methodist church will allow it. Each church is different about how their facility can be used by other people that are not members of the church.

Although many Methodists consider themselves to be born again, the Methodist church does not require such a belief.

Just begin attending Methodist services at your local Methodist church. Get to know the pastor and the members, and they can guide you through the process of joining. You don't have to do anything formal to terminate your membership in the Catholic church; your involvement with the Methodists and your joining them will bring about an informal but real excommunication from the Catholic church.

helping the sick during an epidemicHelping the sick during an epidemic.

Depending on the context, "Methodist" could be a noun, a part of a proper noun, or an adjective. Methodist should always be capitalized. Noun: Susie is a Methodist. Part of a Proper Noun: I am a member of The United Methodist Church. I was born at Methodist Hospital. Adjective: That is a Methodist church. Prevenient grace is a distinctive belief of Methodist theology. John Wesley is the founder of the Methodist movement. I was born at a Methodist hospital.

there is no such thing as a methodist

Laura was raised in the Congregationalist Church (today the United Church of Christ), but attended the Methodist Church in Mansfield, Missouri. She remarked in a letter that she and Almanzo would have to do their worshiping "without a Congregational Church", and indeed, while they worshiped there for years, Laura and Almanzo never became members of the Methodist congregation.

The United Methodist Church is the largest Methodist denomination. In 2005, there were 7.9 million laypersons, as reported by General Council on Finance and Administration of The United Methodist Church. The February 2008 U.S. Religious Landscape Survey conducted by The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life found that 5.4% of Americans are of the mainline Methodist tradition (this designation would include persons who identified themselves as Methodist or as a member of a particular Methodist denomination). This percentage does not include Methodists who are not considered mainline, such as the Free Methodist Church, a church of the Wesleyan movement, or a self-identified "evangelical Methodist." 5.1% of Americans are United Methodist. 0.6% of all Americans identify as Methodist in the Historically Black Tradition. Altogether, 6.2% of the adult population are Methodist (of all kinds). This composes 12.1% of all Protestants.

B. Winget has written: 'Historical sketch of members of the Free Methodist Church of North America who have gone out to the foreign field as missionaries' -- subject(s): Free Methodist Church of North America, Missions

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