How many Mormon schools are there and where are they found in the world?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (commonly called the "Mormon" Church) owns and operates three universities and one college. They have no high/secondary schools or elementary schools. These schools are:

Brigham Young University: Located in Provo, Utah. Enrolls approximately 30,000 students.

Brigham Young University-Hawaii: Located in Laie, Hawaii. Enrolls about 2,400 students.

Brigham Young Unviersity-Idaho: Located in Rexburg, Idaho. Enrolls about 11,000 students.

LDS Business College: Located in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. Enrolls about 1,300 students.

At many Universities worldwide, the Church owns and operates an "Institute of Religion", where college students can take free religion classes and participate in social activities and worship services. The Institute of Religion is open to every college-age person or enrolled student, regardless of religion.

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