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How many Mormons are in the US congress?

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2009-04-23 01:18:35

16 Mormons. Robert Bennett (R-Utah) since 1993 Michael Crapo

(R-Idaho) since 1999 Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) since 1977 Harry Reid

(D-Nevada) since 1987 Gordon Smith (R-Oregon) since 1997

Representatives: Robert Bishop (R-Utah) since 2003 Leonard Boswell

(D-Iowa) since 1997 Christopher Cannon (R-Utah) since 1997 John

Doolittle (R-California) since 1991 Jeff Flake (R-Arizona) since

2001 Dean Heller (R-Nevada) since 2007 Walter Herger (R-California)

since 1987 James Matheson (D-Utah) since 2001 Howard McKeon

(R-California) since 1993 Michael Simpson (R-Idaho) since 1999

Thomas Udall (D-New Mexico) since 1999 *At least this is what I

found in my research.

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