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The total number of New Zealand soldiers that were killed or died in the Vietnam War was 37. There were 187 soldiers wounded.

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A total of 58,168 American soldiers died in Vietnam during the Vietnam War!!

There are many soldiers that died in Vietnam, if you want a complete list for Americans go to the Vietnam memorial in Washington D.C.

Approximately 3,323 US servicemen died in Vietnam in 1966.

58,226 American soldiers died in Vietnam or were listed as missing in action.

See website: Statistics About the Vietnam War.

Puerto Rico lost 345 men in Vietnam.

Approximately 170,000 Hispanic US Servicemen fought in Vietnam; approximately 3,070 of them died there.

I found a listing of 401 soldiers died in Vietnam but that includes the years 1959-1964. I have not found how many died from 1961-1963 which would have specified Kennedy's Presidency.

Over 58,000 US servicemen died during the Vietnam War.

Try: Statistics About The Vietnam War. Recommended by the History Channel.

38,209 US Soldiers died in Vietnam. The remaining 20,000 men were US Marines, Sailors, and Airmen.

around 211,454 soldiers died there and 153,303 wounded

about 4 million soldiers died during the Vietnam war

The total number of military casualties from both sides in the Vietnam War was 1.475 million.

2,721 New Zealand soldiers died and 4,752 were injured.

Millions and thousands of soldiers served Vietnam to protect the country.

they died will because of the shooting of the enemy why do you think 2345

14,000 new zealand soldiers went to Gallipoli

58,220 dead; 1,719 missing; 303,635 wounded - Wikipedia

Some estimates are in excess of 1 million men.

There were five men that were not old enough to vote that were servicemen during the Vietnam War!

They weren't all soldiers; some were US Marines, US Airmen, and US Sailors. Approximately 170,000 Mexican-American Servicemen served in Vietnam; over 3,000 of those men died there.

i believe it was 8 LOL 8? New Zealand committed no combat forces to either gulf war 1 or 2, they did contribute some naval vessels and engineering support. The answer to your question is NO NEW ZEALAND SOLDIERS DIED IN THE GULF WAR.

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