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How many Nintendo wiis have been sold?

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Over 10 million consoles have been sold.

50,000 of which were in the first twelve hours of release.

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How many wiis have been sold?

over 900 and 10.9 million world wide

Who made Wiis?

Nintendo... ... ... ... ...

Who manufactures the Wiis?


Do Thai Nintendo Wii games work on UK Nintendo wiis?


What country does Nintendo Wiis come from?


How many wiis have been sold in the US?

The Wii has sold more than 40 million consoles in the United States since its release in 2006 to March of 2014.

Do wii u games work on Nintendo wiis?


How much where the Nintendo Wiis when they first come out?

around $300

What year was Nintendo wiis come on the market?

it came in in 2008

How much are Wiis from Nintendo?

150-250 somewere in that pricerange :)

When were Wiis released?

The nintendo wii was released in the year of 2006.

Are black Nintendo wiis available in America?

Yes. -TB

What did you use before the xbox 360?

we used nintendo wiis

Do japan Nintendo Wii games work on us Nintendo Wiis?

not some games but some games do

Does best buy fix Nintendo Wiis?

nope you have to send it to the factory

What are Nintendo Wiis made from?

Wii is made in china and the most of the accessories, too

Where can you buy a Nintendo Wii for under 100 dollars?

Ebay / Amazonmany people sell there wiis for 150 dollars with 7 or so gameswhich can just be sold; so there you go.think smarter; dont look at the bland prize.

Can you play a European Wii in England?

All Nintendo Wiis in Europe are classed under the same region "PAL" this means that any PAL European Wiis will work in England.

Do US Nintendo Wii games work on AU Nintendo Wiis?

I know that the US games do not work on Europian wiis and visa versa, this is also true for the Japanese version, so I would guess that a US game will not work on an AU wii

Do Nintendo Wiis need a charger?

No, the Nintendo Wii does not need a charger, but requires electricity to run. Therefore, it will need to be connected to an outlet to work

Why were Wiis invented?

so Nintendo could make money. seriously ask a real question

How do you get split screen on call of duty modern warfare reflex?

You need 8 Nintendo wiis

Can a Nintendo Wii play bluray dvds?

No. Wiis don't play DVDs or CDs either

Is Zelda Skyward Sword on Xbox 360?

No I wish its Nintendo game so Nintendo is keeping it But on the bright side Wiis are like 10 bucks

Do ant and dec have Xbox live?

Nope they don't have Xbox 360. But I do believe they have Wiis and Nintendo DS.