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Old Navy Stores As of July 31, 2010 there were 1,035 Old Navy Stores in North America:

- 971 in the United States

- 64 in Canada

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What is the location for Old Navy in Bosnia?

There is no Old Navy stores in Bosnia.

What company owns the retail store Old Navy?

Old Navy clothing stores are owned by Gap, Inc. The company also owns Gap stores, Baby Gap, Banana Republic stores, GapKids, and Gap Warehouse. There are over 1,000 Old Navy clothing stores in the United States and Canada.

Where can you buy cheap navy blue skinny pants for school?

Old Navy Stores

What clothing stores start with O?

old navy

Where can one find the locations of Old Navy stores?

Old Navy has many stores nationwide. They can be found in strip malls and large indoor malls. They even have outlet shops that are generally away from populous cities by freeway off ramps.

What stores can you find a Fitzgerald jersey?

Old navy might have it.

Can you buy tie dye shirts?

Yes. There are many stores like Old Navy that have them, or you can buy some online.

Where can one purchase Old Navy jeans?

You can purchase Old Navy jeans at several popular stores, including the Gap. They are also available at the Old Navy online store at competitive prices.

Where can you find an Old Navy outlet?

A previous poster has suggested that of 2007, there are no longer any Old Navy Outlets. However in 2011 this is not the case Old Navy Outlet stores are alive and kicking and can be found all over the United States and Canada. Check the link cited below for a full list of stores as there are too many to post here

How can one purchase an Old Navy gift card?

One can purchase an Old Navy gift card by going to an Old Navy retail store. The Old Navy retail stores offer gift cards for sale at a number of different values.

How many Old Navy locations are in CA?

Old Navy currently offers 98 locations in the the state of California, including mall-based locations and brand-related outlet stores. The Store Locator on the Old Navy website, should provide the addresses of each location.

Who opened first stores northern California in 1994?

Old navy

If you are 16 what clothing stores can you work at?

Justice, Old Navy, and some other stores if you have a work permit.

Can you name some online clothing stores?

There are many online clothing stores to choose from. You can shop at Gap, Old Navy, Macy's, Dillard's, Kohls, and many other stores online.

Is any Old Navy store in Europe?

No. There are "Old Navy" stores in USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico. There is also a large store in Tokyo, Japan

Is old navy going out of business?

No, of course not. Old Navy is carrying the weight of Gap Inc. With the recent "re-branding" Old Navy is stronger than ever.not that i know off. old navy has been having many sales but its just to make room for the new clothing and fashions they have. old navy is NOT going out of business. gap is a solid company and the only way old navy and other clothing stores are going to stay afloat is if they have the cheapest good-quality clothing.

What stores begin with the letter o that you would see at the mall?

Old Navy

What stores are in the emerald square mall?

Old Navy and Justice are the main ones.

Where can one purchase Jersey dresses?

Jersey dresses can be found in many places, including downtown stores and malls (such as old navy), along with many online stores and auction sites (such as amazon and google).

What stores does a ten year old like?

TargetJusticeOld NavyKholsThis is a matter of opinion.

Which department stores have cards easiest to obtain?

All clothing Stores: Old Navy, Gap, Macys, etc etc

What are some fashionable clothing stores that have online sites?

Many clothing stores have online stores now that you can order their collections from. You might want to try shopping at Old Navy, Target, Forever 21, and Hot Topic.

Do the stores Old Navy Aeropostale and American Eagle sell good clothes?


Where do you get a denium vest?

You can buy them at clothing stores (i.e. old navy, j.c.penny, sears)

Does Old Navy sell nydj jeans?

"No, Old Navy does not sell NYDJ jeans. Although some stores that do sell this brand include, Dillard's, La Petite Femme, Lord & Taylor, Macy's, and Nordstrom. But if you are interested in Old Navy, they do sell jeans but only in their custom brand of Old Navy jeans."