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One. Jamie Foxx won the 2004 Best Actor award for his portrayal of Grammy Award-winner ray Charles in the movie biography "Ray." Foxx also was nominated that year in the Best Supporting Actor category for his performance opposite Tom Cruise in "Collateral."

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How many Academy Awards has actor Jamie Foxx won?

One: As Best Actor for Ray (2004).

How many black actors have won oscar in leading roles?

Only Sidney Poitier, Denzel Washington, Halle Berry, Jamie Foxx and Forest Whitaker have won Academy Awards for lead roles.

How many movies has Jamie foxx been in?

So far Jamie Foxx has been in 32 movies.

How many kids does Jamie foxx have?

Jamie has 2 daughters and a son

How many charities did Jamie Foxx donate to?

How many charties did jamie fox donate to

How many Academy Awards has jamie foxx been nominated?

He has been nominated for two but has only won one for Best Actor for his role in Ray.

How many famous people are named Jamie?

Jamie lynn spears Jamie foxx Jamie mcmurray these are the only important ones. find out the rest yourself!! :)

How many Oscars has Don Cheadle been nominated for?

One. He was nominated for Best Actor of 2004 for his performance in "Hotel Rwanda." The Oscar went to Jamie Foxx for his portrayal of the late singer Ray Charles in "Ray."

How many Oscars does Jamie Foxx have?

One: he won Best Actor for Ray (2004).

How many Oscar awards did Helen Keller receive?

None. She was never nominated for an Oscar.

Where can someone watch videos of Jamie Foxx live?

You can watch Live videos of Jamie Foxx from vwach website.if you want to know more about trending videos online,latest news, music and entertainment videos,finance,sports videos ,and many more, you should watch https://vwach.com/ for updated videos.

How many children does jamie foxx have?

I know he has a daughter-she's 15 and her name is Corinne but i dont think he has any other kids....

What are some of the awards that lil Wayne has won?

Mtv awards,bet awards ,idk how many but i know a Grammy and i think an Oscar but not sure

How many awards did heath ledgers movies get?

he won one Oscar for The Dark Knight, and 41 other awards

How many awards does Eminem have?

eleven Grammy's one Oscar and nine vmas

How many awards has Tom Cruise won?

He's never won an Oscar.

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