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There are about 0.059 US fluid ounces for each 1.75 mL.

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How many fluid ounces equal to a milliliter?

About 0.03381 fluid ounces per milliliter.

How many ounces per milliliter?

Ounces are weight. Liters are volume. So there is no equivalence.

How many ounces there are in 1 ml?

Approximately 0.034 fluid ounces per milliliter.

How many oz in milliliter?

About 0.0338 fluid ounces per mL

How many drops are there in a milliliter?

There are 20 drops per milliliter.

How many iv drops in a milliliter?

20 drops per milliliter.

How many decaliters are in a milliliter?

0.0001 decaliters per milliliter.

How many Cubic inches per milliliter?

Approximately 0.06102 cubic inches per milliliter or 61.02 cubic inches per liter.

How many pints are in 1 milliliter?

About 0.002113 US fluid pints per milliliter.

How many ounces per kilograms?

There are 35.27 ounces per kilogram.

How many milliliter per gallon?

About 3,785.4 mL per gallon.

How many ml per UL?

0.001 milliliter per microliter.

How many feet per 175 meters?

175 meters=574.146982 feet

2 milliliter per liter equals how many milliliter per gallon?

2 mL per liter = about 7.57 mL per US gallon.

How many cl's in a mililiter?

0.1cL per milliliter.

How many cL are in a milliliter?

10mL per cL0.1cL per mL

How many milliliter per ounce?

About 19.6 mL per fluid ounce.

How many milliliter per CC?

A cc (cubic centimeter) and a mL (milliliter) are the same measure of volume.

How much is 1.5cc?

1cc is equal to 1 milliliter (ml). There is approximately 0.034 fluid ounces per ml. There are 5ml per teaspoon, 15ml per tablespoon and 250ml per cup.

How many troy ounces per gram?

0.032151 troy ounces per gram.

How many centiliters are in a millimeter?

0.1 centiliters per milliliter.

How many milliliter is in a centiliter?

10 milliliters per centiliter.

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