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Inluding the diamond, pearl and platinum Pokemon and all other games there is a grand total of 493 Pokemon in all. 386 are from kanto, johto, hoenn.


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You have see to many different pokemons. Then you will fill it (you have to every Pokemon to get national pokedex).

210.There are 493 in the National Dex.

There are 493 Pokemon in the current National Pokedex.

The sinnoh dex has 210 pokemon, and the national dex has 493 pokemon. It has an entire 664 pokemon (I think)

There are currently 493 in the National Pokedex.

you need 150 Pokemon to get the national pokedex

In the sinnoh pokedex there are 150 pokemon and in the national pokedex there are 497 pokemon, I think.

Johto Pokedex: 256 National Pokedex: 493

You have to trade with firered or leafgreen to get the national pokedex.

Number one in the Sinnoh dex is Turtwig, while number one in the National dex is Bulbasaur. I have both if you want one. write on my message board to trade with me, I have many eggs of both. In the national pokedex it is Turtwig. In the national pokedex it is Bulbasaur.

104 before the national pokedex expansion

649 [including Pokemon black and white]

There are 151 Pokemon until you get the national dex

There are 210 Pokémon in the Sinnoh Dex in Pokémon Platinum.

In the National PokeDex, Dusknoir (Ghost-type) is the Pokemon whose number is 477. No other Pokedex will have that many Pokemon.

500 with the national pokedex

On red, blue, yellow, ruby, sapphire, emerald, firered, and leafgreen 491 On Diamond pearl and Platinum 493

You need to collect every Pokemon in the National Pokedex - in other words, complete the Pokedex.

i think you mean Sinnoh.... anyway, for the sinnoh 'dex, there are 210 pokemon.

all 210 in platinum but you only have to see them

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