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How many Purple Hearts can you have?

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There is no technical limit. There is currently a soldier serving in Iraq that has been awarded three and has a fourth pending. Each time you are wounded in a separate engagement, you are eligible. In past wars, though, there was an unofficial limit in that you would be removed from the theater if you received a set number of Purple Hearts. For both Korea and Vietnam this limit was three. A United States Army soldier currently holds the distinction of receiving nine Purple Hearts. Six U.S. Army soldiers and one U.S. Marine share the distinction of holding 8 Purple Hearts.

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How many Purple Hearts have been distributed?

Over 800,000 Purple Hearts have been awarded.

How many Purple Hearts were awarded in World War 1?

An estimated 320518 purple hearts were given out in World War 1.

What is the duration of Purple Hearts film?

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How many soldiers earned a purple heart in the vietnam war?

In honor of those who faught in the Vietnam war, a total of 351,794 purple hearts. Originally, 500,00 purple hearts were created, but only 351,794 were given out.

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How many purple hearts did one man receive?

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How many marines received purple hearts in Vietnam?

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How many purple hearts were awarded during the Vietnam war?

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What is the highest number of purple hearts awarded to a single individual?

The most Purple Hearts received by one person is eight. Four Army soldiers share that distinction: •Richard J. Buck - Four Purple Hearts for his actions during the Korean War and four during the Vietnam War. •Robert T. Frederick - Eight Purple Hearts in World War II. •David H. Hackworth - Four Purple Hearts in the Korean War and four in the Vietnam War. •Robert L. Howard - Eight Purple Hearts in the Vietnam This off of website

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How many people have been awarded the Purple Heart?

1.8 million Purple Hearts have been awarded. The Purple Heart is a military decoration awarded to soldiers who have died or been wounded while serving in the military.

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