How many SEAL teams are there in the Navy?

There are 8 active SEAL Teams - 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,10; 1 SEAL Delivery Vehicle (SDV) team - 1; and 2 reserve SEAL Teams - 17 & 18. In total, there are 11 teams, excluding DevGru.

SEAL Teams 17 and 18 used to be called Operational Support Teams 1 and 2, but changed into SEAL teams in 2008 to help relieve some of the strain from the active duty teams that were undergoing constant deployments in support of the War on Terror. They were placed under Navy Special Warfare Group 11.

DevGru is an active SEAL team, but they answer to JSOC, not NSWC.

There also used to be a second SDV unit - Team 2 at Little Creek Naval Base in Virginia, but it was merged with Team 1 a few years ago.