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...None. Other people in The Simpsons has them but not in the family.

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Eyebrows. Also, only the girls have eyelashes. Does a brain count as a facial feature?

There are 2 syllables in eyebrows:eye/brows

there are 5 member's in the simpsons there are 5 member's in the simpsons

there is one simpsons movie

There are 6 Simpsons in the family though there are over 20 other known Simpsons that have appeared in the show

as many times as u want. it matters how fast your eyebrows grow.\

As of 2012, there is just one Simpsons movie: The Simpsons Movie (2007).

Owls have eye LIDS, but no eyebrows. Being birds, they do not have hair, but feathers.

The Psychology of The Simpsons has 240 pages.

You had it correct - eyebrows.

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There are between 700-1100 hairs incorporated within the human eyebrows. -JDub PHD

Maggie has appeared in every Simpsons episode.

No, monkeys do NOT have eyebrows.

Apparently there isn't a definitive answer but it would appear The Simpsons air in at least 30 to as many as 60.

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None, the Simpsons as a series didn't air on T.V. until 1989

There aren't any episodes in the Simpsons game. The game has its own story.

The Simpsons Uncensored Family Album has 64 pages.

Yes they have eyebrows.

Same reason why we have eyebrows

You cant get "big" eyebrows

No Pigs don't have eyebrows

no bears do not have eyebrows

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