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Short answer: the Soviet Union launched three Sputnikmissions (Sputnik 1, 2 & 3) and Russia launched two Sputnik missions (Sputnik 40 & 41). The Soviet Union launched a further five Korabl Sputnik missions (Korabl Sputnik 1 to 5). All other Sputnik missions are the West's brainchild. The Soviet Union called the very first artificial satellite from October 4th 1957, Sputnik. Due to secrecy a lot of Soviet spacecraft were not publicly named and Western newspapers named different Soviet spacecraft Sputniks. When they reached high Sputnik numbers they realised that the Soviet Union already called their indefinite satellites for Cosmos.

The Vostok spacecraft were tested unmanned or with dogs and dummies (Ivan Ivanovic) as Korabl Sputniks (Sputnik ship) as Soviet designation. Sputnik number: -- Year: -- mission: * 1 - 1957 - First artificial satellite * 2 - 1957 - Space Dog Laika * 3 - 1958 - Van Allen Belt research * 4 - 1960 - dummy Vostok craft (Korabl Sputnik 1) * 5 - 1960 - 2 dogs in a Vostok craft (Korabl Sputnik 2) * 6 - 1960 - 2 dogs in a Vostok craft (Korabl Sputnik 3) * 7 - 1961 - failed venus probe * 8 - 1961 - Venera 1 venus probe * 9 - 1961 - a dog and Ivan Ivanovic(Korabl Sputnik 4) * 10 - 1961 - a dog and Ivan Ivanovic(Korabl Sputnik 5) * 11 - 1961 - Yuri Gargarin (Vostok 1) * 12 - 1961 - Gherman Titov (Vostok 2) * 13 - 1962 - scientific (Cosmos 3) * 14 - 1962 - scientific (Cosmos 4) * 15 - 1962 - scientific (Cosmos 5) * 16 - 1962 - scientific (Cosmos 6) * 17 - 1962 - scientific (Cosmos 7) * 18 - 1962 - scientific (Cosmos 8) * 19 - 1962 - failed venus probe * 20 - 1962 - failed venus probe * 21 - 1962 - failed venus probe * 22 - 1963 - failed mars probe * 23 - 1963 - Mars 1 mars probe * 24 - 1963 - failed mars probe * 25 - 1963 - failed lunar lander * 33 - unsure * 40 - 1997 - 1/3 scale of Sputnik 1 launched from the MIR space station * 41 - 1998 - another 40 anniversary Sputnik 1 copy

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Q: How many Sputnik missions were launched?
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What were the sputnik missions used for?

Mainly to see if things could be launched into space and work there

In 1957 who launched sputnik?

The Soviet Union (Russia) launched sputnik

What was the first satellite called?

The Sputnik program was a series of robotic spacecraft missions launched by the Soviet Union. The first of these, Sputnik 1, launched the first human-made object to orbit the Earth.

How many sputnik space crafts have been launched?

The Soviet Space Program later replaced by the Russian Federal Space Agency have officially named 12 Sputnik craft (Sputnik 1 through Sputnik 10 which were launched by rockets into orbit as well as Sputnik 40 and Sputnik 41 which were released from the Mir space station). Outside of the Soviet Union, Sputnik 20 through Sputnik 25 may be referred to. However, the Soviet Union officially refers to these as Cosmos missions due to the launch failures.

In what year was sputnik launched 195519571962or1964?

Sputnik 1 was launched on the 4th of October 1957.

What nation was sputnik launched?

When it was launched, the Soviet Union(USSR) launched Sputnik 1. the Soviet Union is currently Russia.

What country launched sputnik 1 and what was the date?

The Soviet Union (USSR) launched Sputnik-1 (Sputnik I) on 4 October 1957.

When was sputnik launched in to space?

Sputnik was launched into space on the 4th of October, 1957. Sputnik was also earth's first artificial satellite.

When will sputnik the spaceshuttle retire?

Sputnik wasn't a space shuttle, but a series of early satellites launched by the then Soviet Union. Being one-shot items, they were retired as soon as their missions were over.

Sputnik how many missions?

There were 6 original Sputnik missions. After that it gets a little complicated. There were attempts at Venus probes and fortieth anniversary Sputniks. Visit the related link below for these missions.

Where was the sputnik launched to?

Sputnik was launched into a low-Earth orbit. Sputnik was launched By the Soviet Union. It was the first artificial satellite to orbit Earth. it weighed about 98 pounds and took 90 minutes to orbit earth. when Sputnik was launched the Space Race began.

How many space crafts were failed to launched sputnik?

i dont have an answer

From which country was the worlds first artificial satellite Sputnik 1 launched along with the first person in space Yuri Gagarin who was sent into orbit around the Earth in 1961?

The USSR launched both of those missions, but they took place at different times. Sputnik-1 was launched in October, 1957.

Is Russia the first to launched Satellite?

Yes, they launched Sputnik in 1957

How many missions have been launched to mercury?

there were about 7 missions to mercury

What was the mission of the sputnik?

There were 25 mission launches called Sputnik. Most with different purposes/missions. Sputnik 1's goal was to demonstrate the ability to launch a satellite into Earth orbit (and maybe to achieve the political goal of demonstrating to the world that the USSR had this ability.) After Sputnik 4 the missions had two names, Korabl Sputnik, then Vostok , then Cosmos, then Alpha, then Korabl. Many of the later Sputnik missions failed before achieving their goal.

What country launched sputnik and in what year?

The first artificial satellite, Sputnik I, was launched by the USSR (Russia) in 1957. Following its launch on October 4, Russia launched Sputnik 2 on November 3. Sputnik 3 was not launched until May, 1958 following the US Explorer and Vanguard satellites in January and March.

Why were Americans fearful when Sputnik was launched?

Americans were very fearful the day the satellite Soutnik was launched. They were fearful because the Soviet Union launched Sputnik and they were Americans enemies.

Which country launched sputnik and in what year?

Sputnik 1 was a satellite launched by Russia, and the first ever satellite to orbit around the Earth. It was launched on October 4, 1957.

Which country launched the sputnik to begin a space race with the US?

The USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) -- Russia launched Sputnik

Was sputnik launched by the Soviet Union?

Yes. All three 'Sputniks' were launched by the USSR, beginning with Sputnik-1 in October 1957.

How was the sputnik launched?

Sputnik 1, 2 and 3 were all launched by the Sputnik rocket, a derivative of the R-7 Semyorka ICBM (NATO reporting name: SS-6 Sapwood).

Who launched sputnik 1 and what was the date?

Soviets launched it, Oct. 4,1957.

Where was sputnik invented?

Sputnik was developed by the USSRSputnik 1 was launched from kasakhstan where the baikonor cosmodrome is today

Where was Sputnik 2 launched from?