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How many Super Bowls have the Colts won?


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They won 1 as the Baltimore Colts and also won 1 as the Indianapolis Colts. So it's two in all.

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The Colts have won two Super bowls. Once as the Baltimore Colts and once as the Indianapolis Colts.

The Baltimore Colts have competed in 2 Super bowls and won 1. The Indianapolis Colts have competed in 2 Super bowls and won 1.

The Baltimore Colts have won one super bowl,once as the Baltimore Colts and once as the Indianapolis Colts.

The Colts franchise is 2-2 in Super Bowl appearances.

The Baltimore Colts won Super Bowl 5 in 1971. The Indianapolis Colts won Super Bowl 41 in 2007 against the Chicago Bears.

Two - Superbowl V (as the Baltimore Colts) and XLI.

The Raiders with three. The Raiders won Super Bowls in 1976, 1980 and 1983. The Colts have won two, in 1970 and 2006.

the colts won two super bowl!

They have 2 titles. They won in 1971 when they were the Baltimore Colts and in 2007 as the Ind. Colts.

The Colts have won three NFL Championships before the AFL-NFL merger, and two Super Bowls.

INDIANAPOLIS franchise only 1. Colts altogether 2. Super Bowl V (Baltimore Colts) Super Bowl XLI (Indy Colts)

Colts if you are not counting NFL Championships.

The colts because they havn't won as much Super Bowls.

The Baltimore Colts played in Superbowl 3 and 5. They won Superbowl 5.

The INDIANAPOLIS Colts have played in 1, against the Bears, which they won, but the Baltimore Colts played in at least 1.

one for the actual Indianapolis colts but in all of the colts history they made it to 4 superbowls and won 2/4

they have won 5 super bowls

Two....Tony Dungy with the colts and Mike Tomlin with Steelers

they have one21 super bowes HI I'm Dr.Carter III. And your answer SUCKS!!!! #1. the colts or any NFL football team has not won 21 super bowls. #2. the colts have won 2 super bowls. #3. the most super bowls ever won was in 2009 super bowl 43 steelers vs the cardinals and the steelers won that Superbowl and set a record of playing 7 super bowls and winning 6. #4. that's not how to spell bowls. and Superbowl's is 1 word. Doctors shouldn't use words like "sucks" and Superbowls isn't possessive, therefore, there is no apostrophe. So, your answers suck too.

The packers have won 4 super bowls.

He has won 4 Super bowls ...

They have won 4 Super bowls.

The Raiders have won three Super Bowls.

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