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How many US Presidents served only four terms?


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Only four terms? That's the most any one president has served. franklin delano roosevelt served three terms, starting in 1933, and died during his fourth term in 1945. Every other President has only served one or two terms.


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From the years 1974 until 2014, there have been seven presidents of the United States. Four of the seven have served two terms.

Many US presidents have served for two terms. Barack Obama was the most recent.

one, Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Franklin Delano Roosevelt served a total of four terms which was the most a President had ever served. His four terms also lead to the creation of the 22nd amendment for limited terms of all presidents. Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected U.S. President four times, and he served a total of twelve years and 39 days until his death in April, 1945.

5 of the first 10 presidents were re-elected for a second term.

An Irish presidential term is seven years. Four presidents have served two terms. Seán T O'Kelly (1945 - 1959) Eamon De Valera (1959 - 1973) Patrick Hillery (1976 - 1990) Mary McAleese (1997 - 2011)

Nine presidents had their terms finished by the vice-president, Eight of these died in office-( four from assassination and four from natural cause ) and one resigned before his term was over.

Only one and that was Franklin Roosevelt.

The amount of terms that are served by a district attorney will depend on the jurisdiction. Most district attorney serve terms of four years.

Since the Civil War, four Democratic presidents have been elected to two consecutive terms , namely ,Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Andrew Jackson , who belonged to the pre-war Democratic party which was somewhat related to the modern Democratic party, also served consecutive terms.

Five - Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, and Jackson

The short-lived Republic of Texas had five presidents if you count Sam Houston, who served two non-consecutive terms , as two.

Edwin Edwards served four terms as Governor of Louisiana. However, they were not consecutive terms, spanning from 1972-1996. He also "served" 10 years in prison for corruption.

Grant served two complete four-year terms.

There were 25 US presidents who never served in the Senate.

According to the records, we have had 44 presidents, but really we have only had 43 people as president. Grover Clevland served two non-consecutive terms as president

There have been forty-four presidents who have served in office in the United States. Barack Obama is the forty-fourth president.

14 presidents served as vice president before becoming president

Hoover served one complete four-year term.

He served one complete four-year term.

20 served for more than one term- 13 served 2 or more full terms and 7 others served one term and part of another.

He served two terms as president.

James Monroe served for two terms.

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