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Every state has 2 US Senators.

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Q: How many US senators are in Alabama?
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How many US senators does Alabama have?

Every state has 2 US senators. There are 35 state senators in the Alabama State Senate.

What are Alabama's current US senators and the number of them?

There are two US senators in Alabama and each state has 2 senators. As of 2013, the two senators in Alabama are Jefferson Sessions and Richard Shelby.

How many senators are there in Alabama?

There are 5 senators in Montgumery Alabamathere are two senators.

Total number of US Senators does Alabama presently have in the US Senate?

Two. Every state has two US Senators.

How many senators does Alabama have in Montgomery?

Alabama has 35 state senators in the Alabama Senate. (For the current list, see the related link below)

How many senates are from Alabama?

Do you mean US Senators? The US Constitution sets the number of Seneators at two per state. Alabama, just like the other 49 states, elects two Senators to the US Senate. The State of Alabama has a state legislature as well, with both a House of Representatives and a Senate. The Alabama State Senate has a total of 35 members.

How many state senators does Alabama have?

There are 35 state senators in the Alabama State Senate. (for a current list, see the related link)

What are the addresses to the Alabama US senators?

See link for Senate addresses.

How many Senators does Alabama have in the United States Senate?

All states have two Senators. Currently, the Senators representing Alabama are Richard C. Shelby (Republican) and Jeff Sessions (Democrat).

How many representatives does Alabama have in Alabama?

7 representatives & 2 senators with 9 electoral votes.

How many STATE senators are there How many US senators are there?

2 state senators and there are 100 us senators 2 for every state

Who were the US senators of Alabama in 1986?

Jeremiah Denton (R) and Howell Heflin (D).

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