How many US soldiers were held as POWS in the Vietnam War?

You will never get the true count on this one. It is noted that POWS were tortured, died from wounds, or died from starvation. There was no special ceremonies for burying them by the enemy.

To this day it is said that there were many POW's left in those camps, but the U.S. Gov't will deny this to the bitter end. By eye witness accounts POW's were often moved from one camp to a secret camp and never stayed in the same place for long. They understood the language, walked in a zombie-like fashion, were not bound and were hardly guarded at all, but followed their enemy leader to the next camp. Most were extremely weak and obviously had severe mental break-downs.

There had been sightings of American soldiers in different cities in Vietnam and one can only surmize that they know the language well, have become use to the way of life there, can't or won't go home for various reasons. Is it any wonder. These men fought hard in jungles, rice fields, swamps and then some were beaten and caged like animals for months to even years. They probably have little memory of their former lives. Also to date many soldiers who served in the Vietnam War have terrible nightmares, many seek out psychological counselling to try and beat "the werewolf" and the "hidden closet syndrome". Night sweats occur, flash-backs, and a never-ending unsettled soul. They did nothing wrong but serve their country but those that came back came back to boos instead of cheers. Jobs were hard to get for these men, and many were left with broken bodies and broken minds.

I sometimes go on a "Vietnam" site to listen and read what they have to say. I like to get it from the "horse's mouth." These men know what they went through and even now, with the present war going on, they echo ... "just another Vietnam!"