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How many US troops fought in World War 2?


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World War II holds a special place in the American psyche as the country's greatest triumph, and the soldiers of World War II are frequently referred to as "the greatest generation" for their sacrifices in the name of liberty. Over 16 million served (about 13% of the population), and over 400,000 were killed during the war; only the American Civil War saw more Americans killed.


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over 30,000,000 people fought in ww1

Around 1,500,000 troops total.

128,525 soldiers (from 1914-1918)

Around six million of which about 700,000 died.

50 million from all 57 countries involved in the conflict

Over 16 million US Servicemen were in uniform during WW2.

the north had 2 million troops and the south had 800,000 troops

On the whole out of 10 million who fought the war .......... only 45000 came back home safely

The campaign for which the ANZACs were most famous was at Gallipoli, in which they fought against primarily Turkish troops.

In total about 480,000 Americans served in the Korean War.

how many soldiers fought in world war 1hundreds of thousands

The answer ranges to 1 and 600. Hope the answer helps. 0 Buffalo Soldiers fought in the Civil War. 180,000 Color Troops fought in the Civil War

in many locations in the world

in many locations of the world

Many of the troops who supported North Korea were Chinese, while many of the troops who fought for South Korea were American.

The United States' troops fought on the Western Front in France.

US troops fought in several different battles during World War I. Some of the most important battles fought were the Battle of Belleau Wood, the Battle of Cantigny, and the Meuse-Argonne Offensive.

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They had many men fought 4,654,743,455 They had many men fought 4,654,743,455

approximately 5.5 million troops served in the Civil War. About 620,000 of them died

British troops fought against the americans to get their rights

about 65-70million soilders fought in world war 2 they used about 40-50million

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