How many US women fought in World War II?

lots but I'm guessing not as many as the boys. boys were put in the war first so tons of boys and less girls I'm also going to guess this percentage. 75% of boys 25% of girls. that's a guess don't take it seriously. I'm guessing after all.
Second Answer: 300,000 women served in World War 2 as nurses and in desk jobs and at radar installations and many other positions such as pilots who shuttled planes.. Not one fought in the war because women were not allowed in combat until the last decade or so. So the answer is zero.
That does not mean no women in the world fought. The Underground Resistance Network women and women of Russia and other nations did fight, shoot guns and fly in combat.
Because of the efforts of these women the women of today can fight. Congressional people and Senators voted to allow women in combat after enough women complained.