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How many Winchester model 94 44 cal rifles were made in 1995?

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Go to and scroll down the index on the left side, click on the link to Winchester manufacture dates. Then select Model 94 and enter your serial number.

Website Winchester 1894/94 Serial Number List1894 began with serial number 1 and ended with 14,579.

1895 ended with number 44,359.

1896 ended with number 76,464.

1897 ended with 111,453.

1898 ended with number 147,684. This is the last number that is antique according to BATF regulations.

1899 ended with number 183,371.

1900 ended with number 204,427.

1901 ended with number 233,975.

1902 ended with number 273,854.

1903 ended with number 291,506.

1904 ended with number 311,363.

1905 ended with number 337,557.

1906 ended with number 378,878.

1907 ended with number 430,985.

1908 ended with number 474,241.

1909 ended with number 505,831.

1910 ended with number 553,062.

1911 ended with number 599,263.

1912 ended with number 646,114.

1913 ended with number 703,701.

1914 ended with number 756,066.

1915 ended with number 784,052.

1916 ended with number 807,741.

1917 ended with number 821,972.

1918 ended with number 838,175.

1919 ended with number 870,762.

1920 ended with number 880,627.

1921 ended with number 908,318.

1922 ended with number 919,583.

1923 ended with number 938,539.

1924 ended with number 953,198.

1925 ended with number 978,523.

1926 ended with number 997,603.

1927 ended with number 1,027,571.

1928 ended with number 1,054,465.

1929 ended with number 1,077,097.

1930 ended with number 1,081,755.

1931 ended with number 1,084,156.

1932 ended with number 1,087,836.

1933 ended with number 1,089,270.

1934 ended with number 1,091,190.

1935 ended with number 1,099,605.

1936 ended with number 1,100,065.

1937 ended with number 1,100,679.

1938 ended with number 1,100,915.

1939 ended with number 1,101,051.

1940 ended with number 1,142,423.

1941 ended with number 1,191,307.

1942 ended with number 1,221,289.

1943 through 1947 numbers are not available. The following serial numbers assume an equal number produced each year.

1943 ended with number 1,267,741.*

1944 ended with number 1,314,193.*

1945 ended with number 1,360,645.*

1946 ended with number 1,407,097.*

1947 ended with number 1,453,549.*

1948 ended with number 1,500,000.

1949 ended with number 1,626,100.

1950 ended with number 1,724,295.

1960 ended with number 2,469,821.

1963 ended with number 2,586,000. This was the end of the classic Winchesters made with hand-finished cast parts.

Numbers 2,586,001 through 2,699,999 were not used.

1964 began with 2,700,000 and ended with 2,797,428.

1965 ended with number 2,894,428.

1966 ended with number 2,991,927.

1967 ended with number 3,088,458.

1968 ended with number 3,185,691.

1969 ended with number 3,284,570.

1970 ended with number 3,381,299.

1980 ended with number 4,892,951.

1981 ended with number 5,024,957.

1982 ended with number 5,103,248.

estimate after 1982 by adding 100,000 per year.

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What year was 1894 Winchester rifle made serial number 553570?

Your winchester model 1894 was one of the first 500 rifles made by winchester in 1911.They made 46,200 rifles that year.

What makes the gun a Winchester Model 94?

Winchester made about 28 versions of the Lever Action model 94. All were made by Winchester, all of them were rifles not guns.

What year was your model 250 22s made?

The Winchester model 250 belonged to the 200 series of rifles made by Winchester from 1965-1976.Your Winchester model 250 .22cal rifle was made from 1965-1974.

Is 1967 Winchester 94 a disired model?

A Winchester model 1894 rifle made in 1967 may be desirable to some people,but the pre-64 model of the Winchester model 1894 is more desirable to collectors.The rifles made from 1894-1941 are the most desirable rifles of this make for collectors.

When was Winchester model 1894 serial no 196251 manufactured?

With the serial number that you provided,your Winchester model 1894 rifle was made in the year 1900.Winchester made 21,055 model 1894 rifles that year.

What year was your Winchester model 94 with serial number 4476?

Your Winchester model 1894 rifle was made in the first year of production,which was 1894.During 1894 Winchester made 14,759 rifles of this model.

How old are the Winchester 290 rifles?

your Winchester model 290 was made as a group of models including the 250,270,255,275 and the 290.these were made from 1963-1976,with the model 290 being the last model made.

What is the age and value of a 30 wcf Winchester model 55 serial number 1048732?

The Winchester model 55 rifles were some one of the few rifles made by Winchest er to have serial numbers of their own,and also have them listed with the model 1894 rifle production serial numbers.Yours happens to be one of the rifles made that lists its serial number in the model 1894 range of numbers.With the serial number that you have provided,your Winchester model 55 rifle was made in the year 1928.The Winchester model 55 was made from 1926-1936,with a total production of only 20,592 rifles made.I hope this helps eliminate any confusion on this model of Winchester rifle.

What Year was your Winchester Model 52B Made serial Number 45339 B?

With the serial number that you have supplied;your Winchester model 52B was made in the year 1939.It was one of 1,828 rifles made that year by Winchester.

What is the age of a Winchester Model 77 22cal Serial number 14008?

Winchester did not keep records of the production by year of the model 77,22cal rifles.I can say that the model 77 was made from 1955-1962.Winchester made 217,000 rifles during this time span.I would say that your rifles serial number puts your rifles production in the first year which is 1955.

What year was the model 190 Winchester 22 long rifle made?

model 190 and model 290 rifles were produced from 1965 to 1980, around 2,171,263 rifles .

What is the age of a 30 WCF Winchester Model 55 serial 1079114?

with the serial number that you supplied,your Winchester model 55 was made in the year 1930.Winchester model 55 rifles had there own serial numbers,and also were serial numbered in the model 1894 rifles serial numbers.Yours is the later which was serial numbered in the model 1894 serial number range.Yours was one of only 1,535 model 55 rifles made in 1930.

How many winchester rifles model 94 crazy horse 38-55 were made?

There was 19,999 guns made in this edition by winchester.

What is the age of a 30 WCF Winchester model 55 serial 8050?

your model 55 Winchester was one of the first 5 rifles made in 1928.

How old is a Winchester 348 Model 71 Serial 18967?

With the serial number that you have supplied,your Winchester model 71 lever action rifle was made in the year 1941.Winchester made 2543 model 71 rifles that year.

When was the 22 winchester model 67 long rifle made?

The Winchester model 67 was made by Winchester from 1936-1963.Winchester did not serial number these rifles as the laws of that time did not require it.A total of 383,587 were made during that time span.

How many 1941 Winchester wcf model 94 were made?

Upadated answer: Winchester actually manufactured 53,738 Model 94s in the year 1941. Winchester produced 48,883 model 1894 rifles in 1941.

How do you know what year a Winchester 64 serial 2184587?

The Winchester model 64 was serially numbered within the range of the model 1894 rifles serial numbers.Your serial number indicates that the Winchester model 64 rifle you have was made in the year 1956.these model 64 rifles were made from 1933-1957 with a total production of 66,783 were made during this time span.

How old is Winchester model 270?

The best that I can do for you,is say that that the winchester model 270 was made by winchester between the years 1963-1974.Winchester did not keep yearly production figures on the model 270.It was grouped together as the model 200 series of rifles.

How old is Winchester .22 model 62 serial number 10050 pump action?

Your Winchester model 62 was one of the last rifles made by Winchester in the year 1933.

What year was Winchester model 94 serial number 908329?

With the serial number that you provided,your winchester model 1894 rifle was one of the first 10 rifles made by winchester in 1922.

Is the aqha Winchester model 94ae a pre 64?

No.All Winchester model 1894 rifles with the angle eject(AE) were made in the 1980,s and later.

What years were the Winchester 1906 22 pump rifle made?

Winchester made there model 1906 pump action .22cal rifles from 1906-1935.

What length barrels did the model 60 Winchester have?

The winchester model 60 came with a 23in.round barrel,and this was extended to a 27in.barrel in 1933.These rifles were made from 1930-1934,with only 160,754 made.

Winchester 30-30 model 94 serial number 2586099?

Your winchester model 1894 was one of the first 100 rifles made in 1964.Thus it is not a pre-64 model 1894 winchester.