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How many World Series wins do the A's have?


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The Oakland Athletics won 9 World Series titles in 14 World Series appearances.

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the dodgers have won 5 world series

The reds have 5 world series wins. They won in 1919, 1940, 1975, 1976, and 1990.

In the modern era, a team can win the World Series 4 wins to none, 4 wins to one, 4 wins to 2 and 4 wins to 3.

Cardinals have 12 World series wins

Winston Cup / Nextel Cup / Sprint Cup - 48 wins Busch Series / Nationwide Series - 11 wins Craftsman / Camping World Truck Series - 2 wins IROC Series - 4 wins IndyCar Series - 3 wins

First team to win 4 out of 7 wins the world series

The divisional playoff series are a best of 3 of 5. Whichever team wins 3 games first wins the series. The League Championship Series and the World Series are both the best 4 of 7 series. Whichever team wins 4 games first wins the series.

the nationals and a couple other teams with 0 world series wins

Jim Palmer is a three-time World Series champion. He had a 4-2 record in World Series games.

Cup Series - 40 winsNationwide Series (formerly known as the Busch Series) - 49 winsCamping World Truck Series (formerly known as the Craftsman Truck Series) - 7 wins

1.) New York Yankees 27 world series wins 2.) st. Louis cardinals 10 world series wins 3.) Oakland athletics 9 world series wins

The World Series is played until a team wins 4 of 7 possible games.

The New York Yankees won 27 World Series titles in 40 appearances.

The New York Yankees have the most World Series wins with 27 titles.

Whitey Ford has the most career World Series wins for a pitcher with 10.

The St. Louis Cardinals are second to the Yankees in World Series wins with 11.

In order to win the World Series you have to win 4 games. It's a best of 7 series.

The Brewers have won no World series titles and a total of 3 games in their lone world series appearance in 1982

The New York Yankees hold the records for both most World Series won (27) and most World Series appearances (40). The St Louis Cardinals are a distant second, with 10 wins from 17 appearances. The Yankees also hold the record for most individual World Series games won, with 134.

A team must win 11 games in order to be the World Series champions. Three in the Division Series, four in the Championship Series and four in the World Series.

Since 1922, the World Series has been a best-of-seven contest. The team that wins four games becomes the world champion.

The Royals won the 1985 World Series 4 wins to 3 over the St. Louis Cardinals in the " I-70" series. It is the Royals only World Series championship.

The St. Louis Cardinals Are In Second Place With The Most world Series Wins With 9. The New York Yankees Are In First With 27 Wins.

The New York Yankees with 5 consecutive World Series wins between 1949-1953.

The Toronto Blue Jays won two World Series titles in two appearances in 1992, and 1993.

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