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amazingly unintentional deaths due to firearms in the U.S. ranges anywhere from 500-1000 per year. considering there are 93 guns for every 100 people in the U.S. (not including the military and law enforcement - which would essentially make the ratio 1/1), this is AMAZING. think about that for a moment...350,000,000 guns, and less than 1000 accidental deaths...simply incredible.

FYI - intentional killings with firearms is somewhere between 30-40 thousand per year

Poster above does not give any source for his data.

According to Center for Disease Control ( in 2011, there were:
- 851 deaths due to accidental discharge of firearms
- 38,285 deaths by suicide, 19,766 (51%) of which were by discharge of firearms
- 15,953 homicides, 11,101 (69%) of which were committed by discharge of firearms

However, this does not tell the entire story. The vast majority of homicides are career criminals killing other career criminals. Baltimore PD reported in 2007 that 93% of murder suspects, and 91% of murder VICTIMS had felony records. Victims averaged over 13 convictions each.

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Q: How many accidental gun deaths are in the US every year?
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