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How many active NFL players came from the University of Maryland?

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that answer is 19

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How many active NFL players from the university of Washington?

One of the active NFL players that came from the University of Washington is Jake Locker............ the quarterback of my favorite team. Which is the almighty Tennessee Titans.

How many active NFL players came from the University of Kentucky?

i think there has been about 50 thats on estimate

How many NFL players came from University Of Texas?


Active NFL players from Ohio State that have been to the pro bowl?

what players currently in the NFL came from Ohio state

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Magic Johnson.

Which presidents came from Maryland?

No US president has yet been from Maryland.

Who came to Maryland and why?

the dutch and swedish came to make habitation

What was so important about Maryland?

Clara Barton Discovered the Red Cross and she came from Maryland

How many presidents came from Maryland?


Where does Jack Barakat came from?

Baltimore, Maryland. :)

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the colony was chartered

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How many hall of fame nfl players came from U of Tenn?

There are two Hall of Famers who went to the University of Tennessee, Doug Atkins and Reggie White.

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They came to Maryland on the Ark and the Dove in 1634 after stopovers in Barbados and Jamestown Virginia.

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Most of them came from England.

What country that All Time Low came from?

Baltimore, Maryland

What were churches like in Colonial Maryland?

Well, Maryland had many catholic and christian churches. colonial Maryland, just like today's Maryland had religious freedom. Mostly catholic people came from England.

How many current NFL players came from NAIA football programs?

Six current NFL players came from NAIA football programs.

What type of government was there in colonial Maryland?

democratic governmentThe colony of Maryland had a Proprietary Government at first and then came to have a Royal Government.

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The first settlers came from England

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The 1634 Colonists aboard the Ark and the Dove.

How did all get to Gettysburg for the battle?

The Southern Army came in from the north through Maryland (Cashtown). The North came in from the South.