How many actors have played Harry Potter?

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Five people are listed in the credits as having played Harry Potter in the films. In the first movie the "Saunders Triplets," as credited, played the baby Harry in the first scene. Daniel Radcliffe obviously makes the fourth. Another baby Harry appeared in the seventh film, played by Toby Papworth. That brings the count to five.

However, the case can be made for two more actors playing the part. In the second movie, Harry's character transforms to look like the character of Gregory Goyle, played by Josh Herdman. In the seventh, Harry transforms into Albert Runcorn, played by David O'Hara. Since these two actors were acting as Harry, not as their original roles of Goyle or Runcorn, the case can be made that they also played Harry in the movies, bringing the total to seven.
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How many actors played Harry Potter?

Baby Harry Potter was played by the Saunders Triplets, other than that there had only bee one Harry Potter: Daniel Radcliffe.

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