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I believe you are talking about fluorine. If you are, F needs one more electron to gain a full shell.

If you go to WikiAnswers for this information, that is counterproductive, because there is a much better way to do it. Look at the periodic table. Groups IA through VIIIA tell you what you need to know. IA has one valence electron, IIA has two valence electrons etc. Fluorine is in group VIIA and therefore has seven valence electrons. All atoms want eight, and thus fluorine is in need of one more.

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Fluorine has 7 valence electrons and needs one more electron to fill its valence shell.

flurine has atomic no. 9 so its electronic configaration is 2,7. Its valance shell has 7 electrons

Valence means outer-most.Valence electrons are the elctrons that are furthest from the nucleus (outermost electrons).Valence shell is the outer-most shell.Valence electrons are located in the valence shell.

The valence shell is the outer most shell or imaginary orbit of an atom containing <8 electrons. The electrons in this shell are called 'valence electrons'.

It needs only 1 more electron since it already has 7 valence electrons.

Nitrogen atoms do not have any valence electrons in their first shell, which is the innermost shell with only two electrons. No elements except hydrogen and helium have any valence electrons in this first shell. Nitrogen has 5 valence electrons in its valence shell, which is its second shell.

Helium has two electrons in its valence shell. The valence shell is the outermost orbital shell of an atom.

Carbon has 4 valence electrons on the valence shell.

The valence shell is an atom's outer shell of electrons that is involved in chemical bonding. A valence electron is one of the electrons in that shell.

There are 2 electrons in the first valence shell.

Valence electrons are the total amount of electrons on the outermost shell of an atom. Meaning if the last shell has two, the valence electrons are two. But a complete valence shell would hold eight.

The valence shell is the outermost shell of electrons.

That is the number of valence electrons, which are he electrons on the outer shell (That can be any shell, not a specific outer shell)

Valence electrons are in the outermost shell of an atom.

There are 5 electrons in the valence shell for phosphorus.

There are 2 electrons in valence shell of calcium. :-)

Magnesium needs 8 valence electrons to have a full valence shell.

Outer shell electrons are called valence electrons. The # of valence electrons depends on the group that the atom is in.

Cobalt has 2 valence electrons (Outer shell electrons are valence electrons).

The electrons in the outermost shell/orbit are the valence electrons

valence electrons are the electrons on the outer-most shell of electrons

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