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How many admirals are in the US Navy?

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U.S. Code of law explicitly limits the total number of four-star admirals that may be on active duty at any given time. The total number of active duty flag officers is capped at 216 for the Navy

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How many female admirals are in the us navy?

I think there are about 11 women admirals in the U.S. Navy at this time

How many 2 star admirals are currently in the US Navy?

How many to Star admirals are currently in the U.S. Navy

How many rear admirals are in the US Navy?


How many African American Admirals in the US Navy?


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How many Vice Admirals did the US Navy have during World War 2?


Which branch of the us armed forces has admirals?

The branch of the US armed forces that has admirals is the Navy. The armed forces is made up of the army, air forces and the navy.

How many warships in the british navy?

how many admirals did the british navy have in 1805

How many admirals are in the British navy?

I'm not sure of the 2009 figures but back in May 1805 there were 144 Admirals consisting of 46 Admirals, 36 Vice Admirals and 62 Rear Admirals.

How many admirals in Indian navy?

There is only one Admiral in the Indian Navy. But there are quite a few Vice-Admirals and Rear Admirals,these are below the rank of Admiral and are all under the Admiral only. Shailesh Mehta 9425082058

Who are the navy generals?

The Navy doesn't have Generals - they have Admirals.

List of us navy admirals during World War 2?

admiral Walton

Who were all the admirals of the US Navy at the D-Day landings?

there was a corrdinator

How many 4-star generals are in the navy?

There are no generals in the Navy. The navy has admirals. The full compliment of officers varies with promotions and retirements.

How many commanders are in US Navy?

100 If you mean rank, this is incorrect. There are more admirals and captains (rank wise) in the navy than this each. and those 2 ranks are higher than commander.

Are there black captains in the US Navy?

Not only are there black Captains, but there are several flag officers (Admirals) as well.

How many four star admirals are in the navy?

10 [edit] Four-star positions

Are Admirals of the Texas Navy Admirals in the Navy?

Texas doesn't have a Navy or an Army. What they have is a State Guard Force, which consists of both land and maritime units. Their rank has no standing in the federal forces.

How many US Generals or Admirals medal of honor?


Who were the military leaders for the US during the Spanish American War?

Admirals Sampson and Dewey for the Navy. Generals Shafter and Miles for the Army.

In the history of US military how many 5 star generals where there?

Four 5-star generals for the Army (plus one for the Air Force) and four 5-star admirals for the Navy.

What did Hitler do in the navy?

He carried urinals which contained urine from Jewish admirals.

Who was the first three Admirals in the US Navy?

Admiral George Dewey Admiral David D(ixon) Porter and Admiral David Farragut

Who is going to be d next navy army general?

I'm not sure what you're trying to ask. 1. There is no navy army. 2. The navy has admirals, not generals. 3. There are too many variables involve to answer this.

How much does a navy admiral earn?

Navy admirals get paid somehwere from 75000-80000.That's onlky for their first 2 years.