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How many air miles is a flight from Portland Oregon to San Francisco CA?


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The air distance from Portland, Oregon, to San Francisco, California, is 535 miles. That equals 861 kilometers or 465 nautical miles.

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Portland, Oregon is approximately 535 miles away from San Francisco, California. A flight would take about one hour and 15 minutes.

Portland, Oregon is 633.9 miles from San Francisco, California

The flight distance from Portland, Oregon to Maui is about 2,560 miles.

Approximate flight duration time from San Francisco to Portland, Oregon is 1 hrs, 20 minsDistance from San Francisco to Portland is: 542.4 Miles

The flight distance from Portland, Oregon to Vancouver, Canada is 258 miles / 416 km

The flight distance from Atlanta, Georgia to Portland, Oregon is:2,173 miles

The flight distance from Portland, Oregon to Los Angeles, California is 825 miles.

The flight distance from Toronto, Canada to Portland, Oregon is 2,112 miles / 3,399 km.

Distance:The direct distance from Eugene, Oregon to Portland, Oregon is 105 miles (169 km).The driving distance from Eugene to Portland is 109 mi - about 1 hour 53 minsFlight:Eugene, OR (EUG) to Portland, OR (PDX)Flight Duration 39 mins

From Dallas, Texas to Portland, Oregon is 2128 miles From Dallas, Oregon to Portland, Oregon is 61.4 miles

A flight from Madrid, Spain to Portland, Oregon would take about 11 and a half hours to complete. There is approximately 5,420 miles between the two locations.

Portland, Oregon to Chicago: 1750 miles or about four hours. Portland, Maine to Chicago: 1000 miles or about two hours.

There are approx. 2,122 miles between Chicago, IL and Portland, OR.

There is about 4,332 miles between Portland, Oregon and Trinidad and Tobago. The flight will take approximately 9 hours, when flying at 500 miles per hour.

There are 274 miles from Portland, Oregon to John Day, Oregon.

There are 274 miles between Portland Oregon and Medford Oregon.

The flight distance from Portland, Oregon to Tokyo, Japan is 4,852 miles.

The flight distance from Tokyo, Japan to Portland, Oregon is: 4,852 miles / 7,808 km

It is 163 miles from Portland, OR, to Boardman, OR.

It is 86 miles from Corvallis, OR to Portland, OR.

It is 39.1 miles from McMinnville Oregon from Portland Oregon.

It is 41.1 miles from Portland Oregon to McMinnville Oregon.

It is 153 miles from Yachats Oregon to Portland Oregon.

Beaverton, Oregon is 8.5 miles from Portland, Oregon.

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