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Currently, Russia has a sole carrier, Admiral Kuznetsov. It used to have six in its prime.

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Q: How many aircraft carriers does Russia have?
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How many aircraft carriers do Russia have?


How many aircraft carriers doe Russia have?

Currently, Russia has a sole carrier, Admiral Kuznetsov. It used to have six in its prime.

Where are aircraft carriers?

There are aircraft carriers all over the world. America has about 16 of various types. Many other countries also have aircraft carriers.

How many carrier ships do Navy have?

Hi there, From my research, USA have 11 Aircraft Carriers, Italy have 2 Aircraft Carriers, United Kingdom have 2 Aircraft Carriers, Brazil have 1 Aircraft Carrier, Spain have 1 Aircraft Carrier, France have 1 Aircraft Carrier, India have 1 Aircraft Carrier, Russia have 1 Aircraft Carrier, China have 1 Aircraft Carrier, Thailand have 1 Aircraft Carrier. Hope this helped!

How many aircraft carriers did Japan have when they attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7 1941?

Answer6 Aircraft Carriers

How many countries have aircraft carriers?


How many planes do navy ships carry?

Aircraft carriers normally carry LESS than 100 aircraft. This includes WW2 aircraft carriers.

How many of Japan's aircraft carriers were lost at midway?

Four fleet carriers

How many aircraft carriers are there in the world regardless of nationality?

I know the United States has 9 aircraft carriers. Rest of the world??

Did russia have an aircraft carrier in world war 2?

No. The first aircraft carriers they constructed were laid down in 1965. They were late in getting into carrier production, and still have none of the US class carriers.

How many aircraft does an aircraft carrier usually carry?

All aircraft carriers are different. There is no "norm".

How many aircraft can a Chinese aircraft carrier carries?

chinese have to aircraft carriers, to date. But building them!

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