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How many aircraft carriers does Russia have?

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Currently, Russia has a sole carrier, Admiral Kuznetsov. It used to have six in its prime.

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How many aircraft carriers do Russia have?


Where are aircraft carriers?

There are aircraft carriers all over the world. America has about 16 of various types. Many other countries also have aircraft carriers.

How many aircraft carriers did Japan have when they attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7 1941?

Answer6 Aircraft Carriers

How many planes do navy ships carry?

Aircraft carriers normally carry LESS than 100 aircraft. This includes WW2 aircraft carriers.

Did russia have an aircraft carrier in world war 2?

No. The first aircraft carriers they constructed were laid down in 1965. They were late in getting into carrier production, and still have none of the US class carriers.

How many aircraft carriers are there in the world regardless of nationality?

I know the United States has 9 aircraft carriers. Rest of the world??

How many of Japan's aircraft carriers were lost at midway?

Four fleet carriers

How many countries have aircraft carriers?


How many aircraft does an aircraft carrier usually carry?

All aircraft carriers are different. There is no "norm".

How many aircraft can a Chinese aircraft carrier carries?

chinese have to aircraft carriers, to date. But building them!

How many aIrcraft carriers do the US have?

Fail. its 11.

How many aircraft carriers are there currently in the us?


How many aircraft carriers does north Korea have?


How many aircraft carriers does the french navy have?


Were aircraft carriers armed with torpedos?

No, but on many occasions they carried aircraft armed with torpedoes.

How many air craft carriers were destroyed at pearl harbor?

None, there were no aircraft carriers in port.

When were aircraft carriers first used?

Click on the link to your right for the history of aircraft carriers.

Do aircraft carriers launch off planes?

No, but planes launch off of aircraft carriers.

How many aircraft carriers in Chinese Navy?

On April 27, 2012 China launched its first aircraft carrier the Liaoning. The Chinese Navy said that this is the first of many aircraft carriers. The next carrier is planned to be larger.

How many aircraft carriers does England have?

The United Kingdom (which includes England), currently has no active aircraft carriers but two are under construction. The first of these will be operational in 2020.

How many aircraft carriers did japan have in its navy in 1941?


How many aircraft carriers did Britain have during ww2?


How many aircraft carriers are there in one world alliance?

About 69

How Japanese Aircraft Carriers did the US sink?

Japan had a total of 25 Aircraft Carriers and Light Carriers in WWII of which 20 were sunk.

How many aircraft carriers did japan have at the beginning of world war 2?

By the start of the war with the US in 1941, Japan had 9 carriers. Interestingly, Japan pioneered in the building of aircraft carriers. Today, the U.S. has 12 carriers, the Royal Naval has 3, and there are a total of 9 countries that have aircraft carriers. The US and Great Britain are the only countries relying heavily on carriers.