How many albums has Kylie minogue sold?

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Kylie Minogue has sold over 90million's albums todate...
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How many records has kylie sold?

Answer . Kylie minogue has sold over 65 million albums ans 30 million singles between 1986 - 2007

How many albums has kylie minogue made?

As at 10 July 2014 , Kylie Minogue has released 56 albums. These are divided in the followingcategories: . Studio Albums - 15 . Compilation Albums - 12 . Box Sets - 1 . Remix Albums - 11 . Live Albums - 5 . Concert Tours - 12 . The following is the Category break down with Year ( Full Answer )

Where does Kylie Minogue live?

Kylie Minogue lives in Chelsea, West London in England but is originally from Melbourne in Southern Australia. .

Where does kylie minogue work at?

Kylie Minogue currently works with Capital Records. Correction by a insulted minogue no1 fan! she works at parlaphone! And has done since her light years album straight after her connections with Micheal hutchens(and the dark days/red hair/alcohol/sex/drugs_) and went back to her pop icon image (an ( Full Answer )

Does Kylie Minogue believe in God?

Kylie said in a interview that when her mother was ill she prayed every night for her health so this obiously indicates that she believes in god!. hope ive helped xx. can you please tell me where it says on the internet (if it does) that kylie prayed every night when her mum was ill because i didn ( Full Answer )

What was kylie minogues first single?

In Australia, it was "Loco-motion" in 1987, however her first UK and most of Europe release was "I Should Be So Lucky" in 1988.

How many boyfriends has kylie minogue had?

There are 5 that kylie has made public, these include Jason Donovan, Michael Hutchence and her current spanish model boyfriend Andres Velencoso Segura. But no-one knows how many there could have been in her early school life.

Where was kylie minogue born?

Kylie Minogue was born in Melbourne, Southern Australian in the Bethlehem hospital at 11:00am on the 28th may 1968

Who much is kylie minogue worth?

According to the Sunday Times Rich List Kylie Minogue is worth £40 million. But in The Sun newspaper it said she was worth £60 million.

Where does kylie minogue?

she used to live in chelsea london but now she lives near hyde park in a new apartment block, her apartment is worth 16 million!

Who is Kylie Minogue?

Kylie Minogue is an Australian singing artist who first appeared on the TV soap "Neighbours". She also appeared in a few kids' feature shows when she was younger.

When did Kylie Minogue get cancer?

Kylie Minogue was diagnosed with breast cancer on the 17th May 2005. but she did recently say in an interview that she was misdiagnosed before and went on the UK leg of her Showgirl Tour thinking she was alright. then when she was in Australia she went back to the doctors and that's where she was ( Full Answer )

What has kylie Minogue acheaved in life?

She starred in Neighbours ( one of Austraila's best soaps ) . She has shot to fame with her pop carrer . . She has fought breast cancer. . She has millions and millions of fans all around the world. . Her single 'slow' become the most added track to U.S. radio in its first week of release. . Sh ( Full Answer )

How many duets has kylie Minogue done and who with?

As at 10th July 2014, Kylie Minogue has performed 18 duets (That Iam aware of): 1988 Especially for You (with Jason Donovan) 1988 All I Wanna Do Is Make You Mine - Duet with JasonDonovan included with the single release of "Especially for You". 1991 If You Were With Me Now (with Keith Washing ( Full Answer )

Kylie minogue how she got famous?

Kylie initially started her career with a role in the Australian soap opera 'The Henderson Kids' but it wasn't until she joined the Neighbours cast as mechanic Charlene that she became a household name. In 1987 she performed the Little Eva classic 'The Loco Motion' at a roadshow and caught the at ( Full Answer )

Is kylie minogue recording?

Well in January she released her new remix album called boombox and a few months before she recorded a new album called X. Now she is preparing to go on tour around America!!!

Who influenced kylie minogue to sing?

Kylie has said she used to sing Purple Rain by Prince as a child. And her and Dannii used to sing Abba songs and Grease songs into their hairbrushes! She also said she used to listen to The Beatles and The Rollin' Stones as that was the music her Dad listened to.

Why does Kylie Minogue speak French?

Probably because she her ex-boy friend Olivier Martinez was French and she wanted to speak his language. Also because she regularly visits France and she spent a year there when she battled breast cancer.

Who loves Kylie Minogue the most?

I do I am 13 years old and have loved Kylie for as long as i can remember, I have been 2 all her shows in England that i hv been alive 4. my bedroom and office is totally kylie, my duvet, pillows, posters, clothes everything. all i ever do is something to do wiv her. Nobody can love her more than i ( Full Answer )

How many records has danni minogue sold?

Dannii Minogue has sold over 7 million albums during her career.Her birth name is Danielle Jane Minogue and she was born inMelbourne on October 20, 1971.

When is Kylie Minogue next concert?

Kylie is currently on her Aphrodite Les Folies/Aphrodite Live 2011 concert tour. The tour opened in the Herning Arena in Denmark on 19 February 2011. Since then it snaked across Europe to the UK. It will now go to Japan, Canada, the US, Mexico, Australia, Thailand and Indonesia. More Asian dates are ( Full Answer )

Is kylie minogue bisexual?

she's admitted she has bisexual tendancies and she has fancied woman before, but says she has never done anything with another woman :)

What did Kylie minogue acted in?

She's acted in 'The Henderson Kids', 'Neighbours', 'The Delinquents', 'Street Fighter!', to name but a few.

Who are kylie minogues siblings?

she has a brother called brendan minogue and a sister called dannii minogue. brendan works as a tv cameraman in Australia and dannii is basically an all-rounnder! she has appeared on tv shows, is a singer, dancer ...

What does Kylie Minogue wear?

She loves and is seen wearing a lot of dresses that are short at the front and long at the back! She also has been seen wearing jeans and nice tops with great big sunglasses!!

What motivated kylie minogue into singing?

it was her sister Dannii Minogue. Dannii brang kylie onto the stage to sing a duet and then she became very very famous. Then the tv show neighbours exepted her to act on the show and then she just became very famous for singing with her new album aphroditie.

When did Kylie Minogue start to sing?

Kylie Minogue released her first single in Australia in 1988. It went to number 1 and was in the top 10 singles for that year. It was called "Locomotion"

How many movies has Kylie Minogue been in?

10 including short films. 1995 Hayride to Hell (short) The Girl 1994 Street Fighter Lieutenant Cammy 1989 The Delinquents Lola Lovell Cut Hilary Jacobs 1996 Bio-Dome Dr. Petra von Kant 1996 Misfit (short) 2001 Moulin Rouge! The Green Fairy 2000 Sam ( Full Answer )

What does kylie minogue like about singing?

Kylie says that she loves performing and putting on a show. She also likes releasing music that people connect with. Minogue is one of the most successful recording artists in the world, she has sold over 100 million records worldwide and has been the most played artist on UK radio in the past 20 ye ( Full Answer )

How did kylie minogue came famous?

Kylie was originally known for being an actress on the soap opera Neighbours, but sang the song Locomotion at a charity concert in 1987, and she was spotted and signed to record labels. She then recorded the track and it became number 1 in Australia. Her first UK hit I Should Be So Lucky was number ( Full Answer )

When did kylie minogue recover from cancer?

She was diagnosed with cancer in May 2005 and was recovering slowly throughout 2005 and 2006. She resumed her Showgirl: The Greatest Hits Tour (newly named Showgirl: The Homecoming Tour) in November 2006 and had released her next album in November 2007.

Who is kylie minogues family members?

A brother called Brendan and a sister called Danielle (Dannii) Kylie Minogue's father was Ronald Charles Minogue; Her mother was Carol Ann. .

When did kylie minogue become famous?

Kylie first appeared on Australian soap 'The Sullivans' as a dutch girl called Carla in 1979. She had roles in other Australian programmes such as 'The Henderson Kids', 'The Flying Doctors' and 'Fame and Misfortune' before she got her big break as Charlene Mitchell in 'Neighbours'. Her on screen wed ( Full Answer )