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Do the math: Amps x Volts = Watts. Your house is mostly 120V and each circuit is usually 15amps (not counting large appliances).

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Q: How many all electric homes can be powered by a 20KW generator?
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What is a good model for a stand by generator?

The Generac Guardian Series 5875-20kW Smart Circuit Standby is a good standby generator which will power your whole home in the event of a power outage.

What size wire do you need going from a 20KW 83A generator to the main 200A automatic transfer switch?

In conduit? direct burial? distance?

Is 20kw higher than 10kw?


How many homes will 500 megawatts power?

How much does a house use? This can vary a lot. If we assume 2kW per house on average, we get 250,000 houses, but if you have electric cooking and heating this could easily come to 20kW per house. The trouble with supplying electricity is that loading can vary so much from season to season and over 24 hours.

How many btus equal 20 kilowatts?

20kW is 68,242.84 BTU/hr

What current will be consumed by a 20KW motor?

To answer this question the voltage of the motor needs to be stated.

What size of wire and breaker do you need for a 20kw electric furnace?

let's assume you have a 240 volt supply and that the furnace is a resistive load. In this case 20000 / 240 = 83.33 Amps. This would require 3 AWG copper wire.

What is the cost in per KW for diesel generators?

A 20kW generator operating at 3/4 load will burn approximately 1.3 gallons of fuel per hour. So if you only include the "variable" fuel costs to generate electricity, you are going to get 15kWh of electricity from the 1.3 gallons of fuel. If your fuel costs $3/gallon, this would give you a variable cost of $0.26/kWh. You should be able to use "off road" diesel fuel that doesn't include all of the highway taxes. And you should include the "delivered" cost of the fuel. Of course the real costs to generate electricity from a diesel generator must include all of the fixed costs. You can buy a 20kW generator starting at about $5,000. If it lasts for 10 yrs, then that would only add about 5.5 cents to each kWh. You also need to add in maintenance costs and any installation costs.

What size wire for 20kw strip heat?

120 15 amp service ? 210 7 amp service ?

What size wire to hook up a 20kw electric furnace?

In order to properly size the wire per National Electric Code (NEC) standards you will need to know the amperage and the distance of the device (heater) from the source (circuit breaker panel). In order to know the amperage one would need to know the voltage since amperage changes inversely with voltage.

How much bhp does an exhaust add to a r33 skyline gtst?

say around 15-20kw with a striaght throw exhaust from turbo with no cats

Where can you go to have someone calculate the size of the generator that you need to best fit your needs?

"I need to power my furnace, hot water heater, refrigerators,freezer,bathroom and 2 bedrooms and possibly a stove." You will not be able to power all these things with a small portable generator. You are looking at a stationary generator, or a towable rental industrial generator. Here's an estimate of what you want: furnace (3/4 hp motor) : 2KW hot water heater : 4KW refrigerators (2?) at 900W each : 2KW freezer : 1KW bath, bedrooms (lights?) : 1KW average electric stove : 10KW Total : 20KW New 20 KW generators are $4000 - $6000. To power your stove, furnace, and water heater it will have to be hardwired through a transfer switch into the house service entrance, which will require a licensed electrician. If your needs are immediate (sounds like they are), buy the biggest portable you can afford, some extension cords, a couple electric heaters, and maybe an electric hot plate. You can heat a strategic room or two, and string cords around the house to power lamps and such, and keep your fridges running. That's probably the best you will be able to do in the short term. I suspect that if you were rich enough to afford a proper home standby generator (in other words, richer than me!), you would have just called a company that could come out and install one. If you do have the funds, look in the yellow pages under generators. The guy that sells and installs yours will be happy (and well qualified) to size it for you.

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