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How many all electric homes can be powered by a 20KW generator?

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Do the math: Amps x Volts = Watts. Your house is mostly 120V and each circuit is usually 15amps (not counting large appliances).

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What size wire do you need going from a 20KW 83A generator to the main 200A automatic transfer switch?

In conduit? direct burial? distance?

Is 20kw higher than 10kw?


How many homes will 500 megawatts power?

How much does a house use? This can vary a lot. If we assume 2kW per house on average, we get 250,000 houses, but if you have electric cooking and heating this could easily come to 20kW per house. The trouble with supplying electricity is that loading can vary so much from season to season and over 24 hours.

What current will be consumed by a 20KW motor?

To answer this question the voltage of the motor needs to be stated.

How many btus equal 20 kilowatts?

20kW is 68,242.84 BTU/hr

What size of wire and breaker do you need for a 20kw electric furnace?

let's assume you have a 240 volt supply and that the furnace is a resistive load. In this case 20000 / 240 = 83.33 Amps. This would require 3 AWG copper wire.

What is the cost in per KW for diesel generators?

A 20kW generator operating at 3/4 load will burn approximately 1.3 gallons of fuel per hour. So if you only include the "variable" fuel costs to generate electricity, you are going to get 15kWh of electricity from the 1.3 gallons of fuel. If your fuel costs $3/gallon, this would give you a variable cost of $0.26/kWh. You should be able to use "off road" diesel fuel that doesn't include all of the highway taxes. And you should include the "delivered" cost of the fuel. Of course the real costs to generate electricity from a diesel generator must include all of the fixed costs. You can buy a 20kW generator starting at about $5,000. If it lasts for 10 yrs, then that would only add about 5.5 cents to each kWh. You also need to add in maintenance costs and any installation costs.

What size wire to hook up a 20kw electric furnace?

In order to properly size the wire per National Electric Code (NEC) standards you will need to know the amperage and the distance of the device (heater) from the source (circuit breaker panel). In order to know the amperage one would need to know the voltage since amperage changes inversely with voltage.

What size wire for 20kw strip heat?

120 15 amp service ? 210 7 amp service ?

How much bhp does an exhaust add to a r33 skyline gtst?

say around 15-20kw with a striaght throw exhaust from turbo with no cats

Where can you go to have someone calculate the size of the generator that you need to best fit your needs?

"I need to power my furnace, hot water heater, refrigerators,freezer,bathroom and 2 bedrooms and possibly a stove." You will not be able to power all these things with a small portable generator. You are looking at a stationary generator, or a towable rental industrial generator. Here's an estimate of what you want: furnace (3/4 hp motor) : 2KW hot water heater : 4KW refrigerators (2?) at 900W each : 2KW freezer : 1KW bath, bedrooms (lights?) : 1KW average electric stove : 10KW Total : 20KW New 20 KW generators are $4000 - $6000. To power your stove, furnace, and water heater it will have to be hardwired through a transfer switch into the house service entrance, which will require a licensed electrician. If your needs are immediate (sounds like they are), buy the biggest portable you can afford, some extension cords, a couple electric heaters, and maybe an electric hot plate. You can heat a strategic room or two, and string cords around the house to power lamps and such, and keep your fridges running. That's probably the best you will be able to do in the short term. I suspect that if you were rich enough to afford a proper home standby generator (in other words, richer than me!), you would have just called a company that could come out and install one. If you do have the funds, look in the yellow pages under generators. The guy that sells and installs yours will be happy (and well qualified) to size it for you.

What capacity of a single phase generator do you require to power 8no 2.5hp compressors of 220 volts?

1 Hp is roughly 746 watts. If you have 8 motors, each 2.5hp, you have a total of 20hp of load, roughly 15kW. Efficiency isn't 100%, but you're likely not fully loading all 8 motors either. to be safe I would look at 80% effiency, so you'd need ~18.7kW; A 20kW generator should be plenty. If all turn on at the same time, you may have some trouble due to excessive starting current.

What size of wire you need to feed commercial kitchen equipment three 3kwovens a 20kw water heater and 3kw deep fryer?

You should contact a certified, and licensed electrician.

What is the main application of vector calculus in the day to day life?

Electrical power generator using Maxwell-faraday equationWhat is electrical power generator?An electrical generator is a device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. An engine-generator is the combination of an electrical generator and an engine (prime mover) mounted together to form a single piece of equipment. This combination can also be called a "genset." A complete standby generator system will include additional switches and control components to make operation of the genset more convenient and more reliable.Amongst the drastic conditions of the world in the arena of saving energy, today; everybody wants to engage in the activity of producing free electricity to power their houses, offices, commercial buildings, etc.How electrical power generator works?As the name suggests, magnetic electricity generator, is a machine that uses magnets in the production of electric power. This reminds us of the Maxwell's Relation in Physics, on the relation of electricity and magnetism compactly known as electromagnetism of the mutual relation between magnets and electricity. Magnets are the most sub-utilized clean energy source on earth. Our general knowledge tells us that, there is a repulsion of the polar sides of the magnets, when they are brought close to each other. This reaction takes place at a certain force of action, whilst they are pushed against each other. Maxwell-faraday equation is also called Faraday's law of induction. The induced electromotive force (EMF) in any closed circuit is equal to the time rate of change of the magnetic flux through the circuit.The working of the generator is done by aligning many such magnets in a small wheel built in a tiny turbine, called magnetic electric generator. These magnets are pushed in the opposite direction to each other due to the way they are placed in the turbine. Now, you might wonder what exactly is going on. Well, the logic is, such an action sets the turbine to spin due to the perpetual motion, i.e., once the generator starts spinning, the natural defending forces present in the magnets will generate energy. This energy enhances the frequency of spinning time and again. So now, I think it's not that hard to understand how magnetic electricity works with the availability of regular magnets at your house or workshop. In this manner, you can create free electric energy or electricity. It is a fact, that an average magnet continues the action of attracting and repelling for a minimum 400 years! So don't these machines really do some wonders, in spite of being compact and small. They are a good fit for a home or any commercial use. Also, a magnetic electricity generator helps in reducing your electricity bills to half of or rather eliminates them totally.Magnetic Generators to Generate ElectricityTypes of power generatorThere are several popular types of power generation, from small, portable RV and residential units, to the larger commercial and industrial units that will supply power for the critical businesses that just cannot afford even one minute without power. The four main types of power generators are: EMD GeneratorsEMD Generators, or electro motive diesel generators, are low RPM, low-risk, no maintenance generators that have a wide variable of performance functions.EMD Generators4.2.3.2 Diesel GeneratorsA diesel generator is the combination of a diesel engine with an electrical generator, often an alternator, to generate electrical energy. Diesel generators are best used for emergency power supply, but are also critical for more complex applications such as peak-lopping, grid support and exporting energy to the power grid.Figure 4.2.3: Diesel Generator4.2.3.3 Portable GeneratorsA portable generator is any generator on wheels that usually runs off of gasoline as fuel, making them perfect for commercial or industrial use.Portable Generators4.2.3.4 Natural Gas GeneratorsNatural gas generators are simply power generators that run on natural gas as the fuel source. The type of power generator you select will depend on your personal power generation needs. You can choose from a variety of generator sets ranging in size from 20kW - 2500kW and engines ranging in size from 150hp - 4000hp.Natural gas generator

20KW machine 480 volts 3 phase what is the amps?

The formula you are looking for is Amperage = kw x 1000/1.73 x Voltage x pf. pf is power factor. Use .9 as a reference for power factor.

What is the KWh for 500 kw induction motor on idle running?

on idle, probably 0. KWh = KW x time (hours) . eg. 20KW for 5 hours = 100KWh (edit. ignore this answer i do not know what exactingly a idle motor is)

My 1989 1600 Ford Laser engine was redone but still sluggish on the road and i dont know why?

y dont you try modifying the head take it to the engineers and do a port and gas flow it cost me r2500 and ive gained 20kw give it a try

How would you set up a miniature steam turbine generator?

I been struggling with this too. I beleive that it makes no economic or logical sense to construct a steam powered turbine generator until you hit a minimum of 500kw. The componets needed to run any such unit, steal too much power from the gross output of the unit as you go small scale, example 20kw. It would be great to build a small unit as such that could power and heat your home off of wood, coal, or other combustible materials. But consider the following: you need a furnace(Iduction draft and forced draft fans=negative watts)-boiler-(boiler water circulating pumps) - you need to deal somewhat with water chemistry-you need a condenser; that requires a source of cool water which requires a circulating pump(negative watts)- you need a feedwater pump(negative watts)- oil pumps for the turbine bearings(negative watts)-systems to feed fuel to the furnace(conveyor motors-(negative watts). All things considered you only get about 40% thermal effeciency from a "Rankin Cycle" boiler/furnace. You would burn too much fuel.

How do you size wire for a 20kw aug heater for a heat pump?

Using the formula: Amps = Watts/Volts look up the wire size needed in the national electric code book for the amperage of the device. This formula only works for single phase current. If you are using 3 phase, look in the book. In general, 15 Amps or less: 14 Ga Copper wire. 20 Amps or less 12 Ga. 30 Amps or less 10 Ga. Anything more than 30 amps, look it up in the book.

Can you start 20kw motor on direct on line circuit?

No, the motor has to be connected to the line voltage through a set of fuses and then an electrical contactor. Also the motor must be thermally protected against overloads by using an overload block or heaters. This is to allow the motor contactor to drop out is a overload fault should occur.

How do you correctly cut suspension springs on car?

It was an old way to lower cars, you'd have to cut a coil off the bottom so that the spring end is in the same place in the spring perch( hacksaw or cut off wheel-NO torching). For safety reason it is not recommended, since the spring rate is the same, the chance of bottoming out is high. The spring also might have softened up due to age/usage. Most cars have aftermarket spring available that increase the rate to prevent this, this is the route I'd recommend.

Car has a max output power of 20kw and a mass of 1500kg at what max velocity can it ascend an incline of 10 percent?

Use the formula for potential energy (PE = mgh), and solve for height/second (note that Watt is joule/second). Since this is the vertical component of the speed, you must next use trigonometry to solve for the total speed.

How do you wire double breakers inside a 20kw Goodman electric furnace 60amp?

If your furnace is 20 kW unit, the maximum amperage it can draw is 83 amps at 240 volts. If it is a two stage unit the first element will be the 5 kW and the second element sill be the 15 kW element. If you are connecting the unit to a 60 amp breaker it will only allow either the 5 or the 15 kW element on but not both. The breaker in the unit needs a voltage source brought to it from the service distribution. If this is a new installation, call an electrician as permits should be taken out for your protection. By doing this, if a fault occurs and a fire is started the first thing that the insurance company wants to know is if the installation was inspected. If you have no documentation you might not be covered.

What is Worlds strongest car audio amplifier?

The best is a 20,000 watt Warhorse WX10000 single channel amplifier. The cheapest pricing is around $7,000 + shipping and handling.+++Twenty KILO-Watt? Are you sure? Apart from the fact that you're talking small concert PA rig powers, most cars have 12V electrical systems and their alternators are rated at a fraction of that power. 20kW would demand at 12V, a drive current of over (20 000 / 12) = 1700 Amps! Even with a 24 system the amplifier would draw more than 850A: typical arc-welding currents are well under 200A. Single-channel too so for full stereo, double the figures for the total. That claimed figure is absurd, and if it's a quote from the manufacturer's advertising, even more absurd to say the least. You say it is the "best": mere power output is not a measure of quality so I assume whatever its genuine power, it is built to a very high standard - so it ought to be, for that price!

How can I buy ans sell solar energy systems from 1 kW to 1 MW?

Solar Energy India -A Solar Company in IndiaSolar Company in Gurgaon in best priceWe are a Solar company in India dedicated to design, manufacture, supply and installation of 3w to 300w Solar Panels, 1kW to 1MW Solar Power Plants, 100L to 5000L Solar Water Heaters and all type of Solar Systems for home, business, school and industry. Being MNRE channel partner and approved from India Govt we provide subsidy on solar systems. Solar Energy India is also known as a best Solar EPC Company in India. We provide free of cost solar consultancy and design Solar Structure as per site requirements in areas of NCR including Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad Noida. We have our Solar panels dealers and solar systems dealer network in all over India.Other related links:1. Sukam Solar Price List2. Luminous Solar Price List3. Tata Solar Price List4. Bosch Solar Price List5. Exide Solar Price List6. Microtek Solar Price List7. Arinna System Solar Price List8. 1kW-10kW Off-Grid Power Plant | Price9. 1kW-10kW On-Grid Power Plant | Price10. 20kW-100kW Power Plant System Detail11. 1 MW Solar Power Plant Price and Detail·Solar Price ListAvion SolarLuminous SolarSukam SolarArinna SolarSolar Panels10w - 50w75w-100w150w-200w250w-300wPanel StructureSolar Power PlantsOff Grid1Kw-10KwOn Grid 1Kw-10KwOn Grid 20kw-100KwMW Solar Power GridSPV Repair and AMCSolar Water Heater100L - 500LPD ETC SWH100L - 500LPD FPC SWH1000L + ETC Solar WH1000L + FPC Solar WHSWH Repair and AMCSolar LightsSolar Street LightsSolar Home LightsSolar GuideSolar Benefit GuideSolar Installation GuideCareer in Solar