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The estimates vary widley because of the fact that the Japanese military was staging so many soldiers near the beaches where the Allies were planning to attack. Official estimates at the Supreme Council at the White House on Jun 18, 1945 estimated from 25,000 to 46,000. Truman later recalls the number to be 250,000 to 1,000,000. There was also some speculation that the Japanese were far more willing to die in battle and die of starvation than they endured when faced with the results of the A Bomb. The idea that their people could be killed and not take the life of an enemy soldier was not acceptable to them. There are also some speculation that President Truman was aware that Japan would surrender very soon without the usage of atomic bombs.

Japan had been working to make peace through the Soviet Union from June, who in the back agreed to join the war against Japan and intentionally postponed the reply. The Japanese Emperor decided to end the war without waiting for the Soviet Union after the first bombing that killed 140,000 people.

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Q: How many allied soldiers lives were estimated to have been saved because the atomic bomb was dropped on Japan?
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