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The ancient Mayans didn't use alphabetic writing. Mayans used hieroglyphics.

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Q: How many alphabets did ancient Mayans have?
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What did ancient Mayans eat?

AnswerThe ancient Mayans ate many kinds of veggies, like corn, and meats from small animals.

Who invented the mayans?

Ancient MayansThe ancient Mayans created The Mayan calender .

What type of government did the ancient Mayans have?

The Ancient Mayans had a monarchy government along with a republic.

What is the difference between today's alphabets and ancient alphabets?

It depends on how far back you go, but the first alphabets had no vowels, and no standardized spelling.

What is the ancient alphabet?

Latin, Greek, Hebrew, and Phoenician are all ancient alphabets.

What was ancient mayans social needs?

me no no

How did the ancient mayans eat?


What did ancient mayans sleep in?

on kaka

Did the Anasazi have ballcourts?

No, the ancient Mayans did.

What did the ancient mayans value?


Are the Mayans related to God?

No, the Mayans are an ancient Indian tribe in South American.

What did the ancient Mayans build?

The ancient Mayan built pyramids.

When were the ancient Mayans at their peak?

The ancient Mayans were at their peak around 1800BC . If you want to read more, see the related link.

How many alphabets are there in Canada?

There are many alphabets used in Canada, but officially there are only 2: the English and French Alphabets.

What countries did the ancient Mayans live on?

They lived on both the norhern and southern cotients. They lived in 5 countries... some in which where mexico. MAny may not know this, but the ancient mayans still exist today.

What are the different types of religion in ancient mayans?

polytheistic, the believing in many gods and they did sacrifice.

How many letters in the alphabets?

There are twenty-five letters in the alphabet. But there are different amounts in other alphabets. There are many other alphabets.

What are some leisure activities the ancient mayans did?

ate the ancient shrooms

What type of government was ancient Mayan?

The Ancient Mayans had a Monarchy government.

What did ancient Mayans do for festivals?

Rain Dance

Why did the Ancient Mayan build the pyramids?

the ancient mayans did not build the pyramids ancient egypt did

What did the ancient Mayans where?

the ancient mayas wore old clothes like the ancient eyptians

What is an ancient invention of the Phoenicians?

An alphabet which became the basis for later alphabets.

Which ancient civilizations lived in Central America?

the mayans

What ancient gods did the Mayans worship?

the maze god