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To charge a car battery you need aproximatly 8000 amps To charge a car battery you need aproximatly 8000 amps

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Q: How many amps do you need to charge a car battery?
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How many amps do you need to charge a 12 volt battery?

the time it takes to charge a battery is governed by the amps the higher the amps the quicker the recharge time. Excessive charge rate will 'cook' the battery and it will be scrap.It might even explode and cover you in acid.Use a proper charger and check the correct charge rate for your particular battery.

How long to charge a 12 volt battery on slow charge with a 30 amp charger?

I doubt the charger is putting out 30 Amps on a slow charge. need more info on battery and charger.

How many amps do you need to charge a 7.2 battery?

Hi, To properly charge a battery, you should apply a voltage that causes current to flow (being careful to get the plus and minus hooked up properly!) at about 1/10th the amp/hour rating of the battery. For a 7.2 amp/hour battery you should not charge much faster than 0.72 amps. This is the best practice to prolong the life of your battery. Chris

How do you find out how long it takes to charge a 9.6 1100 mAh battery?

Need to know what the maximum output in amps or mA the battery charger can produce.

When charging a car battery what amps should it be at?

It depends on how long you can let it sit before you need to use it. If you have 8 to 10 hours then a setting of 2 amps is appropriate. For a quicker charge then 12 to 20 amps is recommended.

How many volt you need to charge car battery?

To charge a 12v car battery,you need to increase 2v i.e 13-14v.More than that may cause damage to the battery.

Do you need to charge a brand new motorcycle battery?

One view: Some batteries come with a charge which may or not start the motorcycle. I have seen batteries come that are not topped off with acid, but the acid is sent in a separate container that you need to pour in. I would say in most cases that you need to charge or jump the new battery. Take it for a 10 minute ride and you should be good to go. Alternate view: When you put the acid in the battery it does charge itself somewhat, but not fully (perhaps only 75%). That is why it says to charge it, follow the instructions with the battery! When you charge it fully it makes the battery last longer. To charge the battery, you have to buy a battery charger and you need one that will only charge at 2 amps. A "smart" battery "tender" may not work as it may register the battery as fully charged. You need to use a simple (non computerized) 1-2 amp trickle charger. There are rules about the max rates to trickle charge, I've seen 10% of rated cold cranking amps (CCA). Lower amperage will be safer but take longer to charge.

How many watts solar panel do you need to charge 12v battery?

To charge any battery the voltage of the input must be more than the battery's output.

What charger do you need for a 24 volt 300 watt scooter?

The formula you are looking for is I = W/E. Amps = Watts/Volts. 300/24 = 12.5 amps. A good charger with an output of 15 amps will do the job nicely. The time that it will take to charge the battery will depend on the amp/hrs of the connected battery and the state of discharge that the battery is in when charging starts.

Can a small 12 volt 200 watt electric motor run safely off a deep cycle battery whilst the battery is being charged at say at 20 amperes?

Should be OK. If the motor draw is 200 watts, and the charge current is 20 amps, you've got (12 x 20) = 240 watts in and only 200 out. The battery will charge at a rate of (40/12) about 3.3 amps, so be aware that (i) the battery will take longer to charge than if the motor wasn't running, and (ii) once you stop the motor, the charge current is the whole 20 amps and you'd need to be sure that the battery won't overcharge.

How many hours 3000 mah battery needed to be charged?

Depends on the charging current. A general guideline is that you overshoot with around 1.4 times the capacity when you charge, so if your charge current is 1 amp, you need to charge for a little more than 4 hours for a full charge. If charge current is 0.5 amps you need about eight and a half hours for a full charge.

How many amps do you need from a portable jump starter to boost an engine?

That depends on several factors: If the car battery is FULLY discharged, a starter can pull as much as 200 AMPS when you try to start the engine, depending on the size of the engine. If the car battery is only "low", but still carries a pretty good charge, you might be able to get by with considerably less than 200 AMPS.

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